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And the Winner of the GUMSHOE Sock Yarn is…


Congratulations to, drumroll, please, the winner, KAT KENNEDY, by random draw, of the two balls of Regia Sock Yarn!!!

Kat, from For My Next Project, writes: “I picture VI working on a double-knit Chicago Bulls watch cap. Probably using the Magic Loop method so no DPNs get lost while she dashes off in pursuit of a suspect.”

WOOT! I hope to see a sock-in-progress at Fenway, m’lady!

I love this! Speaking as a person who is sometimes in similar V.I. type situations, my tried-and-true buddy knitting-in-my-pocket go-everywhere thingie is TaaDaaYaHAA: a SOCK!


I use the Magic Loop Method with a really short (24″) Inox Teflon circular and you can squeeze in a little here and there and everywhere, in the dark, drop it quick, hurry up and wait style…

I can’t thank you all enough for entering and playing – it wasn’t until after the entries came rolling in that I realized I should’ve had everyone just leave a comment. Here are some you might like…

Donna writes: “I think a lovely corset would be appropriate, though if she’s on stakeout, probably self-striping socks would be more reasonable (but who says Vic is a reasonable woman?). I don’t recall, however, that she has ever indulged in my own–and clearly many others’–passion, so would she take up knitting at this stage of the game?”

Lisa: “I think V. I. is undoubtedly knitting, out of Lily Sugar ‘n’Cream, rags for gun-cleaning :-) What else would be mindless enough yet zen-mind-engaging?”

Trope writes: “If we found her on a stakeout, V.I. would be knitting a scarf for Mr. Contreras, since he’s the only one she can be “soft” around. It would be garter stitch, of course, since she would never have found time to learn how to purl, and it would be full of holes and dropped stitches, as different targets distracted her attention. It would be stuck with leaves and twigs from being stuck under the front seat of her car, and be about nine feet long. If she ever did give it to him, she would refuse to admit that it was handmade, though to him it would be obvious.”

Ania: “Vic would knit knee pads for when she has to crawl through gravel, fields, and muck.”

Denise: “a black wool watchcap for late night tresspassing…uh, I mean sleuthing.”

Janna: “How did I not realize V.I. was turning 50? Because I’m turning 50 on Sunday – it makes me feel a little better to know V.I. is 50, too, because she is so, so cool.

I’m babbling — I think obviously V.I. would be knitting a simple sock out of a gorgeous yarn. It would have to be something that she could throw down in a minute to go after a bad guy, but out of a nice yarn.” (Bonne writes: “HEY – be sure to go wish Janna a Happy Birthday!)

Claudia L writes: “Taser Holder”

Lorinda writes: “Since I just went to hear the Yarn Harlot speak, I’m going to have to go with Vic knitting a Willie Warmer. Just sayin’.”

Kelli: “I imagine V.I. Warshawski would either be knitting something practical (like your very own Voodoo Wrist Warmers) to use on a future stakeout, or a warm cashmere scarf for Max, Lotty or Mr. Contreras.”

Jenn writes: “I think Vic would knit socks – lots of stitches to keep you busy on long stakeouts with a little excitement tossed in for good measure when you get to the heel and toe.”

Michele writes: “Anyway, I think she would be knitting a gun holster, which she would then felt, with a matching knitted, felted belt. It’s gotta be tough and something that won’t stretch from the weight of the gun :)

And of course, she has to have several WIPS: When she’s home, she’s knitting Rainbow Bright Dog Collars and Leashes (from the April issue of Magknits) for Peppy and Mitch; for Mr Contreras she’s knitting a vest from Knitty (Petrol) to keep him warm and cozy during your cold Chicago winters. Oh, and she’s knitting Clapotis for Lotty.

No knits for Morrell – can’t risk the boyfriend sweater curse!!!”

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