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Storm Watch Tuesday February 1, 2011


Hard to believe, but we are one whole month into 2011.

Even harder to believe, is that the year has progressed without any MitBP (mirror-in-the-bathroom) type of shenanigans!

So, in celebration of that fine tradition and to show off my new FO, I just had to shutter-up! (How about that hair?! I had no idea how long it was getting before this morning!)

Too much panicking, perhaps, over the snow storm that's supposed to hit this afternoon in Chicago.

But I say NEE!

I'll be wearing my storm parka and my new cap (which has a matching cowl)! I have not a care! ;p

This yarn bloomed beautifully in the washing - had to dunk it since it is Deep Stash 9 type of fiber - even just sitting around on a shelf, or even in a bin, yarn attracts dust or just loses its fresh.

The whole ensemble will be road-tested today on assignment. Who knows where it will land? City Council? The huge salt pile on Clark & 16th st (favorite storm watch territory)? Or, my personal nemisis: Interstate 80 in what passes as the Bermuda Triangle of the Midwest, an area that gets 200% of any snow we get in the City and where people get trapped in their cars during the big storms.

So, I salute you, Midwesterners, as you go boldly into the day!

no glam?

8 responses to “Storm Watch Tuesday February 1, 2011”

  1. meppybn says:

    But tres chic! who cares about glam as long as you are WAAAAAARM :)

  2. Patty says:

    Love it! And we New Englanders salute you Midwesterners! What’s 20″ of snow between friends!

  3. julia fc says:

    I wish you luck and warmth for the storm. Chicago can ::so:: handle it!

  4. Terri (terdotty on rav) says:

    You look perfectly prepared for the weather – knitters are amongst the few who can’t wait for cold/snowy/icy weather – I wish we were going to get more snow in the UK so I’m quite jealous of your expected storm!

  5. Jennifer says:

    As my husband has elequontly pointed out in the past, days like this are “no f-ing fashion show.” Stay warm and safe!

  6. CindyCindy says:

    I know I look absolutely stunning and fashionable as I shovel the snow off the sidewalk. Stay safe!!!

  7. Corinne says:

    You are always glam! Thought of you tonight watching Bill and Walter, talking to Dana in the van. Were you driving?

  8. Deb in PA says:

    I’ll take warm over glam, any day.

    I hope you stayed safe and warm.

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