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Monday, May 22, 2006

  Monday Morning Mirth  


I used to hate washing dishes until I used a handknit cloth that I got as a prize at a church potluck…

I was lucky enough to get these at the Trufant Flea Market from a lady who makes and sells vegetables and more.

Feel the Love…

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12 responses to “Monday, May 22, 2006”

  1. Gina says:

    I shared your dislike of the dishcloth, but I am coming around. I have the start of one buried somewhere. Yours look so lovely — so bright and cheery.

  2. katie says:

    That’s my all-time fave dishcloth pattern. I have several of them and I have loved them to shreds–I always seem to need more of them!

  3. Jennifer says:

    I like that pattern. I made a bunch of them for Christmas gifts last year. Now with MDK, washcloth fever seems to have hit!

  4. Scout says:

    Did you see the one I’m working on for Supergirl? The martini one? lol

  5. Leah says:

    Ha! Another knitter succumbs to the knitted dishcloth!

    I am such a convert!

  6. Heather says:

    I finished my CeCe sweater, using three skeins of Brown Sheep cotton Fleece. I love it! Thanks for the great pattern!

  7. Delica says:

    I love knitting dishcloths! I find dishcloths to be the perfect instant-gratification project. I have made those as baby washcloths too.

  8. Chris says:

    Do you just buy them, or do you knit some of your own?

  9. rb says:

    I wouldn’t be able to convince myself to spend what little knitting time I have knitting discloths, but BUYING them already knitted seems an excellent idea!

    And, oh, by the way, Colin Firth.

  10. Bonne Marie says:

    I haven’t knit any YET – and I certainly have some Sugar ‘n Cream languishing in my stash just waiting for their moment in the sink…

    Lucky for me, I found the Vegetable Lady at the Flea Market – totally winWin :)

    And btw – Colin Firth WOULD’ve made the Da Vinci Code BEARABLE –


  11. Karen says:

    I made my first dishcloth this weekend. Fun stuff! Mine shrunk a lot when I dried it though.

  12. Lolly says:

    I have the yarn and the desire to make the cloths, now I just need to find the time! :)

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