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Friday, June 4, 2004

a ChicKnits Runway Presentation

used with permission of Lana Grossa

Love these rows of KeyHoles!
click HERE for pdf file…
English translation on Page 3…

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online SHOPs:

Europe: Filati

USA: ThreadBear Fiber Arts Studio

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I am on an ORANGE Bender! and this really caught my eye! I got this whole pattern book from the Boyz awhile back and was delighted when I saw it online.

Not only is it Orange, it’s HOLEY! And holey in a good way, like key-holey.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

I’ve wearing orange any chance I get (yes, it’s still in the 40’s some days in the mornings) – but the sun is BRIGHT in the Late Spring Skies and all of those bright colors I love are calling out to me…

I’m about living in one of my favorite sweaters from Springs Past…


This is called “CORE” from Rowan Book 29 and is made from a cone of 100% cotton I got from Midwest Dicount Yarns out on Irving Pk all the way back in 2001! It was almost one of the Hand Bender Cotton Knitting Ordeals but something in the way I knit seems to save me from that soreness others have talked about.

I learned how to knit when I was 10 from my Busia, and I throw the yarn with my right hand and hold both needles with my left during the throw. (I’ll try to take a picture of it someday because it is really funny looking :) So, I’m not stressing any hand or finger during the process.

If you are in the mood for an adventure, take a trip to see *the Ladies* @ Midwest. Their shop is full of mainly crafting acrylic yarn, but on shelves and in the rear of the store are all sorts of goodies…

I’ve found plenty-o-excitement in the form of wool and cotton in their aisles both skeined and coned AND they have many vintage patterns that are worth their weight in gold for entertainment value.

7 responses to “Friday, June 4, 2004”

  1. Trope says:

    I (heart) Midwest Discount Yarns as well! It’s a creepy and dusty place, but sometimes I find yarn treasure. If I can get over my sense of disorientation the Ladies can be quite friendly as well.
    Noticed your orange bender last night… wearing an orange shirt, with an orange WIP, and carrying around that jean jacket! I love it, by the way. Makes me want to take a closer look at Rowan books.

  2. Valentina says:

    Hi Marie
    I’ve been dropping by occasionally but
    1) your knitting Agnes!!! I’ve preferred her over Audrey since laying eyes on her.
    2) my new favourite colour for the last few months is orange. Out of nowhere. All of a sudden I liked organge.
    — I’ll have to come by regularly now to see what’s developing!

  3. Melissa says:

    I, too, have been an orange girl lately…both of my projects right now are orange! And 2 more orange projects coming. I may have a problem…

  4. greta says:

    That keyhole sweater is just so YOU! Fashion forward, and FUN! Love the jean jacket….now we just need to find you some Totally Orange Fun FUR for a complete fantasy dance ensemble ;)
    It made my DAY to be your aortal link….

  5. deb says:

    I’ve always loved that Core. I plan to make one for myself and my babygirl. Soon, I hope.

  6. froggy says:

    Great jean jacket. I must go and try to find that Rowan Book. I know I have a similar style in a shade of blue, but that orange just pops. A great spin on the usual blue. Makes me want to give that pattern a whirl.

  7. Alysia says:

    Hey that sweater reminds me of ‘Air’ from the Calmer book that I’ve got on my to do list. I love it. And I’m pretty sure by your description I knit the same way you do… :p

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