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uno dos tres Quatro Mayo KIP 2144 W Division Letizia’s 7-9pm


Lisa writes: “…are there just some knitters that are doomed to never wear anything that they have knit? Or is this just a phase that all knitters go through? Like adolescence?”

AH – the slump, many times experienced when making a transistion. Like from scarves to sweaters – or knitting to finishing. I’ve been in one myself – the sweater you see above has been “marinating” for a few months, when my goal was to finish it sometime last winter.

What made it re-surface into the GetItDoneNow pile? Well, I wanted to have New Clothes. AND I had a deadline to shoot for – a trip that needed this hoodie. This made me re-focus my energies. Lisa – you are not alone – all of us slump on the timeline occasionally. What really helped me was starting to knit with others – in the KIP group, in public – or if you can’t geographically swing it – virtually, in a KnitAlong (KAL). I think the common goals of a KAL, along with the support system it offers, can maybe help you jump the final hurdle and walk that runway!

Discovered in my needle stash was a cool circular I’d forgotten about – one with a hook on the end. When I first bought this, I didn’t notice that feature and was pretty POd when I unwrapped it until it dawned on me what it was really good for – PickUp’nKnit! Yeps, you just use the hooked end like a H@@K! and then slide the picked up stitches down the cable on the rest of circular needle.

Above you see the beginnings of a band around the hood of my sweater. It is made from DK weight yarn so I’m picking it up in a ratio of: pick up 5, skip one – or 5/6. I think you can see the little gaps between the groups of picked up stitches. That’s where the skip one is. Here’s another view:


It’s really easy to count your total stitches this way too – just count the number of groups and multiply by 5.

12 responses to “uno dos tres Quatro Mayo KIP 2144 W Division Letizia’s 7-9pm”

  1. Laura from beautiful West Michigan says:

    Ah, what a tease you are! Can you tell us anything more about the wonderful circular needle with a hook? What brand, where you got it, etc? Thanks, lady!

  2. Bonne Marie says:

    Oh yeah – this is an Addi Turbo – and I bought it from my LYS…

    It’s officially called a Cro-Hook :) The needle is a US #3 and the hook end is a US #2 (B).

  3. Leah says:

    Love that blue!

    And what, pray tell, is the algorithm you use for picking up stitches? Your statement that this is DK weight yarn so I’m picking it up in a ratio of 5/6, suggests that you have one. Please share!

  4. Lisa in Wisconsin says:

    Thanks Bonne Marie, it’s good to know I am not alone. Maybe someday I will just throw caution to the wind, jump in the car, and head to the big city for the KIP. See you then!!!

  5. Amy Lu says:

    What a clever little gadget! We knitters really have an answer for those husbands that are always running to the hardward store for “just one more thing.” I love it!

  6. Wanda says:

    How do you know the correct amount of stitches to pick up? Or for a particular weight of yarn, what is the ratio for # of stitches picked up/skipped?

  7. Bonne Marie says:

    Pick-up ratio? Personal preference as far as I know – I confess – I have no secret sauce on this. This is the ratio that gives me a button band that lies smoothly with no rippling.

    My personal preference for DK yarns is 5/6; for aran weight 4/5. Others swear by different combos.

    These are the ratios that work with my knitting gauge/tension range. Your mileage might vary…

  8. ninaradio says:

    Also for use for larger projects in the sort of crochet where you get a million loops on the hook before you pull the yarn through. I think that’s Tunisian crochet?

  9. Gaile says:

    I didn’t know Addi made cro-hooks! Now I want one (found one, but $15 to ship to Canada seemed a bit much eh?) CeCe – I bought the pattern, I have the yarn… I need the time! I am hoping to make the sleeves a tad longer to cover the upper wiggly bits, but that shouldn’t be hard to do. Right? Have a great weekend, Bonne Marie!

  10. rb says:

    Colin Firth.

    I pick up at a ratio of 2/3… sometimes 3/4, per Elizabeth Zimmerman. Are you using 5/6 due to using a smaller needle size for the band.

    Colin Firth.

  11. Stephanie says:

    Darn that’s clever.
    I suddenly feel stupid for all of the times I didn’t think of that. I shall repent by buying several Cro-hooks immediately and bowing to your genius.

  12. Chris says:

    I’ve always done the 3/4 pickup ratio – how does one know what ratio is best for what weight yarn?!

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