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Monday Morning Mirth November 22, 2010

  Monday Morning Mirth  

Last week, there culminated a trifecta of weirdness here at Chez Chic. The second thing that waylaid me was my car breaking down. So it was back to taking the subway downtown to work. It’s about a half-a-mile away and for some reason, although there are many ways to get there, I almost always walk on Ashland Avenue.

It’s a partially commercial boulevard – six lanes wide with a big planter thingie in the middle – with mid-rises and little businesses here and there: restaurants, tire repair shops, a tiny fire station, and condos.

Window shopping in the early a.m. can be quite the mirthful jolt…

If you need a little holiday touch-up, there’s an avant little beauty shop where they will trim you or wig you.

There is not a day that goes by that I don’t want to invite some Knotty Boy pomade home with me and try some dreads on my hair. Somehow though, I think I’ve passed the age limit for them and will have to just settle for perpetual bedhead, which is cool at any age and worn by most of the neighborhood.

While you’re getting a mani-pedi-wighat at the salon, you can clear your brainiac with a little mask to banish your night before trolling the night spots on Division Street.

I adore the local optometrist that put this massive MASSIVE Pom Pom in their front window. I especially like the reflection it makes, where it looks like a psychedelic (ok just found out spellcheck includes “psychedelic” wow) Cousin It walking with me to the Blue Line Station.

Thanks Cuz.

A few feet outside the stairway to the Blue, you come face-to-face with what apparently is a neighborhood favorite: Red Shoes & vodka~!

A little window shopping and the next thing you know: WHOOSH! Train missed ;p

One response to “Monday Morning Mirth November 22, 2010”

  1. marylou says:

    It feels almost like being there.

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