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Sip 1 Knit 1 sit 1 KIP Letizia’s 7-9pm


The naked truth is covered in dustballs this winter. WHO wouldn’t rather knit than do, hmmm, HOUSEWORK? But when you see a tumbleweed size d-bunny roll across the floor or you catch your foot in that project next to it just once too often, it’s time to invite Mr. Clean over for a cocktail.

What you see above is my attempt to restore a little order in the studio corner. Piled high are swatches and swatches and swatches in a big bowl; new projects, old projects, fantasy projects. Things that go boom in the night, even.

Scary yarns! and friendly fiber all sittin’ together in a swatch salad.

Seeing it all together like that makes me real frisky!

And, you know, it’s March, time for a little madness. Let’s see what we shall see…

miniHAHA: recent spam email from *ebay powerseller Stefanie4218 (15044)* – “Why dont you answer to my emails!!! If you dont Respond Now I will contact ebay safeharbor and report you ! Lett me know, I am not a fool ! Thank you ! ! “

11 responses to “Sip 1 Knit 1 sit 1 KIP Letizia’s 7-9pm”

  1. Scout says:

    She is not a FOOL!


  2. AnnDS says:

    “Lett me no, befor i riport yew…”

    They might fool mor pepul if they lerned to spel……

  3. Wow, that’s a lotta swatches!

    Those spam e-mails can be rather entertaining at times can’t they?

  4. Imbrium says:

    Mmm…swatchy goodness. So what -do- you do with all your swatches, other than pile them in a bowl?

  5. rb says:

    That photo is cracking me up. Is it “composed” or do you really only buy blue and green yarns? :)

    I got the same spam & was all, “What is my dang husband selling on ebay now?”

  6. Beth S. says:

    rb, it’s true, she really does buy only blue and green yarns.

    Mostly green. ;-)

  7. Leah says:

    Now this brings up a question I have been meaning to research, but as a designer, you should know:

    When a pattern calls for a certain amount of yarn, is there enough cushion included to knit AND KEEP a swatch?

    I mean, I always swatch (unless it’s a scarf), but I’m always afraid that I may run out of yarn if I don’t reknit the swatch yarn.

    Your swatch salad makes me want to keep my swatches. It’s like a sculpture!

  8. Bonne Marie says:

    Speaking only for myself, there *should* be enough for a regulation 4×4″ swatch included in yardage requirements for a pattern.

    Of course, it can be unraveled if you need it at the end – everyone knits slightly different – one of the most common problems people write to me about is having trouble with row gauge.

  9. Amy Lu says:

    I like my swatches. Each one reminds me of the project, the time in my life I completed it, where I bought the yarn, etc. etc.

    My goal someday is to have a book with pictures of my finished objects, with a swatch, and ball band. Then I’ll journal about the project too. Someday…. Like if we ever come under nuclear attack and I get to spend 3 years in an underground bunker. (That’s when I plan to catch up on all my scrapbooking.)

  10. Bonne Marie says:

    That is a GREAT idea! I’ve been keeping binders of my projects with all the things you mentioned but the swatches you see where :) I saw some Supersize Ring ones shopping for some paper that could take all the swatches too…

  11. Carla says:

    Oh, doncha love those ebay spams? I get like 5 every day. And EVERY day I forward them to I get paypal spam too (send those to
    ALWAYS forward those to the spoof addresses, so at least they can TRY to track down those scumbag theives.

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