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First Chilly Air September 17, 2010

Yesterday, early afternoon, it happened.

I was standing next to my camera at a press conference with the mayor. A crowd was outside a new proposed neighborhood improvement site. The sky was deep blue peppered with chunky dusky clouds and we felt it.

It was on my cheek and tickling my nose.

It was cool and gentle and I felt myself move forward to nuzzle its touch. I saw the entire crowd lilt to its music and sway.

It was the first real breeze of autumn and that meant it was now full speed ahead!

ON with the wool!

Chic Knits

ON with the knitting — I’ve gotten quite a bit done on a new sweater the last few days. In fact, I liked the first one I started so much, I cast on for a second immediately.

ariann-collar-4829The turquoise edition at the top of the mannie is Sweater #1, in a luscious color (#4294) and yarn by Berroco called Ultra Alpaca Light. This yarn was the reward for keeping my nose to the grindstone until it was almost off my face all spring and it is a pleasure to hold it and look at it while the knitting is taking place.

Every stitch is a little confirmation, every turn a little “well done, matey”, every row completed a little salute to the past with a face towards the future.

This phenom of connection between knitter and thread in the making is probably one of the strongest in the whole process. People describe it with the same terms they use for love or food or touch. I experienced it the first time I used this yarn on my Ariann sweater (on the left). You know it’s true love when you are sorry the knitting is done!

This was so strong on that garment, I actually went back and knit some more on it, lengthening the collar when I found an already wound cake of yarn that had been hiding in the stash. Isn’t it the most ravishing color (#6283 Lavendar Mix) ever?

With my new crush, when you’re making a fabric that is so very plain but so very elegant, (I really really adore Stockinette Stitch) it is ultimately important that you have a very strong bond between you.

And I have it twice over!

Sweater #2, on the bottom, is a lovely grey (#29 Athena Grey) yarn called Lana Pura DK yarn from It is so soft (touch) and buttery (food) that I cannot resist its charm (love).

This was a close-out fiber from last November and has patiently been waiting its turn on the needles for other projects to be finished.

Now it’s full speed ahead. This is the one that goes perfectly with a movie, or mobile in the sweater bag, for those times when you’re stuck in the waiting room, or for during a lunchtime break. I find Stockinette st very meditative and calming, so it’s also my martini knitting at the end of the day. A lovely way to cap off the busy hours and let the mind wander. Here’s to a happy weekend, knitters!

6 responses to “First Chilly Air September 17, 2010”

  1. Renee says:

    Your new knits look so pretty and comfortable. What a charming post. Bring on the wool!

  2. love2stitch says:

    Hello Bonne Marie, Beautiful sweaters as always. I have a question – can you recommend a dress form for a leisure knitter or have some tips how to go about finding one? Thanks much in advance!

  3. turtlegirl76 says:

    Woman stop tempting me with your beautiful sweaters! I swatched for my Mondo Cable Cardi the other day. I’m trying to be good and finish a different sweater I had JUST STARTED first. I don’t think I’ll be able to wait. I found some Silky Wool XL that should work out great! Hmm. Can I finish in time for Rhinebeck?

  4. Jennifer says:

    I love that turquoise. I know what you mean about the stockinette, it is so calming

  5. pennyj says:

    Bonne Marie –ditto on love2stitch — recommendation on dress form. I had one many years ago that you could dial to your measurement. It met it’s demise and I don’t have a clue as to what to get now. Ideas?

  6. Bonne Marie says:

    Ha — mine is soo old now I don’t even remember where I got it…

    I do know I started looking with a goggle search for “dress forms” —

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