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Friday, February 17, 2006

New Threads FRIDAY!

b.lime Love 2006

Shaw Collared Jacket
Pattern: Simply Soft
Designer: Debbie Bliss
Yarn: Crystal Palace *Merino Frappe*
Color: #088 Split Pea & #020B Sage
Gauge: 18sts/24rows over 4″
Needles: #7 & #8
Type: Fusion

Fini! The b.Lime Love continues at Chez Chic
heading into the weekend with more than a little Romance…

Higher Knitting Education continued for me on this project – the collar was very challenging and I admit to being of very little faith at one (ok, two or three) points but just did what the pattern said to do and VOILA! Form and function prevail – this design incorporates a genius use of short-rowing – a standing ovation for the wonderful Ms. Bliss!

The collar drapes beautifully and indeed, is a true shawl!

I believe this yarn could be an acquired taste. This brushed merino is not as warm as mohair but yields a fabric that is a cross between that fiber’s fuzzy goodness and felt. It is very soft and lightweight – a pleasure to wear.


44 responses to “Friday, February 17, 2006”

  1. Cindy says:

    I LOVE your sweater. It’s much prettier than I imagined.

  2. Jenna says:

    Gorgeous and elegant, even with a pair of blue jeans. You may have added another to knit project to my list. I’ve heard that Debbie Bliss patterns are often hard to work with, did you have any trouble with it (apart from your own uncertainties, of course)?

  3. Michelle says:

    Bonne Marie, this turned out just great! Lovely, love the drape of the shawl collar.

  4. Teresa says:

    Another beauty Bonne Marie!

    Great pay-off for staying the course.

  5. Steph VW says:

    Soooo nice. I love that colour!

  6. Bonne Marie says:

    Thanks! (curtsy).

    I approached this pattern as I like to approach all patterns – just as if I was planning a trip. I sit down with a cuppa and Read It, all the way through. Then I read it again, and make notes, and travel in my mind the road I will be taking.

    This trip was not very complicated at all because I found, referenced and obeyed all the Mappage.

  7. Leah says:

    Oh, Bonne Marie, it’s just beautiful!

    I love, love, love the shawl collar! And it looks soooooo good on you!

  8. Dana says:

    Wow, you have been busy! Your sweater is beautiful. I love Debbie Bliss patterns too, even without schematics. :)

  9. Jennifer says:

    So lovely! I like the color contrast!

  10. Cara says:

    It looks great – but oh my how happy YOU look!

  11. margene says:

    It looks fabulous! You do know how to make a sweater your own.

  12. Jen says:

    Oh it’s gorgeous! Beautiful colors too!

  13. Elizabeth says:

    Bonne Marie, Your shawl collar sweater is absolutely gorgeous! I love the contrast in colors and it is so becoming on you. It’s nice to have a plan—-and stick to it. :)

  14. Beth S. says:

    You look smashing in that color; easy to see why it’s your fave. :-)

  15. Sarah says:

    You’ve done it again. I love this sweater and I think that your color selection was dead on!

    Great work.

  16. Laurie says:

    I made a little tam for a shop model out of the merino frappe (same color too!). It isn’t a fiber I would normally pick up to work with but I have to say it was really nice. And I knit and ripped at least six times as I tried to settle on a project and I have to say it held up remarkably well!

  17. meg says:

    Fabulous! Absolutely perfect on you! Woot!! That sweater will look great with *everything*!

  18. Marg says:

    Lovely! You look so *terrific* in that green — and how it dresses up a pair of jeans! Bravo, BraveKnit!

  19. carolyn says:

    that turned out great BM!!! :)

  20. Agnes says:

    I saw this yarn in my LYS … it felt strange in the ball. Buy your cardi looks fabulous! The colours of the collar and the body are different (they look different to me on my screen!), did you use two colours?

  21. Kay says:

    Finally! A shawl collar that is RILLY a shawl AND a collar! About time I say! It looks so lovely lovely and ‘lady’ if you don’t mind my saying. Distinctive! Delicious! Delirious! xox Kay

  22. June says:

    It looks wonderful, Bonne Marie! Also – it is such a great color against your hair!

  23. Lolly says:

    Very elegant and beautiful, Bonne Marie! the color is similar to the sweater I just finished ;)

  24. Imbrium says:

    Such nice lines, and the colors are divine!

  25. Absolutely fab! Love the collar!

  26. Debbie says:

    Absolutely sublime! (as always). And thanks for the information on how the yarn worked up.

  27. Karma says:

    Lovely! I adore the collar. And, of course, the colors you chose are so complimentary on you. Yay! What a success!

  28. katie says:

    Wow, Bonne Marie, it’s gorgeous! You certainly know what colors suit you. I admire someone who figures that out, because I still don’t really know what colors I should wear. Great job with the collar, too. It’s just all-around lovely!

  29. Cathi says:

    I can never decide what I like better in your photos- the beautiful knitcraft, or your impeccable decor (nevermind the amazing woman that is always showcased). Seriously, woman- I don’t believe that there is anything you can’t do.

  30. Heidi says:

    From your comment, are we to assume that you didn’t do much tweaking of the original pattern? For all the few years I’ve known you, that would be unusual! Your tweaks are always very interesting to witness.

    The sweater looks great on you, but of course you are looking great yourself! Miss you…

  31. Michelle says:

    So freaking cool! Congrats!

  32. That is one awesome sweater, Bonne! I love the wide shawl collar on it. And the color is wonderful as well.

  33. claudia says:

    Looking very, very good. I’d love to know whether you end up wearing this sweater alot.

  34. Karen B. says:

    Quite fetching, Miss B!

    I couldn’t tell from the collar how the ensemble would turn out. You go, green!

  35. Liz says:

    That jacket is gorgeous on you. I think Ms. Bliss would do well to have you model her sweaters. I never dreamed it would be so smashing from the picture in the book. You are inspirational!

  36. Amy Lu says:

    Gorgeous!!! I love your model poses. You know just how to show it off! :-)

    That green is a great color! My LYS has the Merino Frappe, and just got in some that looks like it might stripe. You’ve inspired some stash enhancing in the great “Up North”!

  37. that is SHARP (to be old school about it)! i love short rows…

  38. Michelle Dakuras says:

    Absolutely Stunning!! Your yarn choice is way better than the one in the book. The astrakan takes away from design lines of the sweater. One day when life releases me from its tight little bind, I will make it back to KIP. I miss everyone SO much!! It’s been ages and ages already. Take Care!

  39. Allison says:

    Your sweater is absolutely beautiful! I love Merino frappe & made a jacket out of it. Unfortunately it made a fabric that could not support the pattern. So….. I decided to frog it & am looking for patterns that will do justice to the yarn. You’re sweater is the best I’ve seen. Thanks for the inspiration.

  40. KnitPastis says:

    I am loving this Shawl Collared Jacket and the color choice in split pea with the sage! I might have to do this project!

  41. KnitPastis says:

    I just went to checkout this Jacket in the Simmply Soft Pattern book and like your choice way better in the yarn you used. You actually made this sweater look better than in the book! Great job!

  42. jackie says:

    Gorgeous! Love a shawl collar.

  43. Becky says:

    You are so cute in this stylin’, fabulous top. Go, B-M!!!


  44. elisabeth says:

    Gosh, you and your new threads are just gorgeous! Really and truly. (nice tushi, btw. gee, am i allowed to say that on your blog?)

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