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Friday, February 3, 2006

New Threads FRIDAY!



A general happy consensus was found at KIP last night:
a stole or scarf should be as long
as one is tall.

But of course, one must observe the effect in action – hold in hands close to head…


A scarf is born…

This is the longest scarf I’ve ever made! It used 4 skeins of #41 Diaketo *Diamuse* and only took 2.5 mo. (snort!) to finish (started November 7th 2005).

Lucky for me, Motha Nature obliges with some snow and CHILLY weekend temps so this colorful coldplay wraps me up!


Phil remarks: “Last weekend I made some changes in the navigation of the Chic Knits site. Please reload the web page if you see wonky routing behaviour – it’s all there – it just needs to be refreshed! Thanks… :)

And yes! Somebody saw his shadow! Six more weeks of winter there’ll be!”

25 responses to “Friday, February 3, 2006”

  1. moody knitter says:

    Yeh, for Phil. I miss winter.
    Nice scarf but doesn’t that maniquin kind of creep you out at night??

  2. Bonne Marie says:

    When I first got Ms. Thing, she was close to the front door. (She joined Team Chic because I’m trying to learn Figure Drawing.)

    I came in one night, in the dark, turned and came head-to-head with her. OHeeeeeeOH! Funk escaped my lips…

    Now we’re used to each other and best of friends…

  3. Karen B. says:

    So wonderfully colorful, Miss B. It suits you.

  4. lynette says:

    what a great scarf and very cool model! despite our ‘winter’ weather, it’ll look good on you.

  5. Ann says:

    Cute scarf! I see a little of the b.limey action there…. What’d you think of the Diamuse?

  6. rachelkates says:

    eff ohh eff ohh eff ohh!

  7. Michelle says:

    Hi Bonne Marie…cool scarf!

    I wish I’d been able to KIP last night, but life intervened. Now I’m going to be commuting weekly for my new teaching gig and won’t be able to KIP for a while! I’ll miss you all. Thank goodness for blogs so I can continue to spy on you! :)

  8. Bonne Marie says:

    Missed you too Michelle! But we are SO EXCITED by your new job we can’t wait to hear ALL the adventurous details…

    The Diamuse: I loved working with this yarn! It is soft spun, easy to knit and the color variations, in this colourway, are subtle in the neutral zones, but clear and bold in the striping areas. DRAMA! :)

  9. Beth S. says:

    I want to see the scarf in action, avec coat and hat!

  10. Wow, I’m loving the scarf colors. It’s really beautiful!

  11. sedie says:

    I am really diggin’ the scarf. That may need to be a huge stash buster!!!

  12. margene says:

    You gave me a good giggle today! Love the scarf.

  13. Christine says:

    Please, please, please post the pattern for that scarf!! I’ve been waiting since the last time you showed a picture of it. I even ordered (3) skeins of Diameusse which I already finished another scarf with. (Thanks for turning me on to my now favorite yarn!!) Anyway, I like your scarf better … pattern? Please … ???

  14. Dana says:

    You finished! Woot! It looks great. Sadly I am still stitching away. My mom is taller than I am (6″0′)so I have a ways to go…

  15. Imbrium says:

    You take the coolest pictures.

    I love long, long scarves…as long as I am tall, plus some.

    The colors in that scarf are great…I love the teal and the red.

  16. Leah says:

    Very cool photo and VERY cool scarf. It looks like a 2×2 rib?

  17. stinkerbell says:

    I want your house… I want your scarf… I want your taste… and I want your mad photo skillz :)

    But you can keep your windy winter weather…

    Deal?? *angelic look*

    Damn ok Ill take your sock button and Ill… Ill… go home and finish a fecking Jaywalker :)


  18. Amy Lu says:

    Very cool model. I love the pose. Ms. Thing is so artistic and graceful, has she ever studied ballet? She would never last in our home, she would be a never-ending souce of practical jokes….

  19. Therese says:

    Where d’ya get the life-size model?! Oh, I know, from your boyfriend, Dick Blick!

    Have a Kiwi knitting mag for you. Came with free tape measure.

  20. I *love* the color scheme of that scarf, what fun! And that life-sized articulated model is amazing!

  21. Bets says:

    Love the scarf — Dr. Who deja vu.

  22. indigirl says:

    Ah man. Now I need to make one of those. I even have some of the color in my stash… I mean… my store inventory. And I love what I see with the lime from your previous post. Lovely!

  23. Scout says:

    Hey you. Come over and play Superbowl Sunday Challenge! I dare yah! ;)

  24. meg says:

    I love it! Grreat colors!

  25. AJ says:

    Oh man, what a gorgeous scarf! Just when I have sworn off them. Grr.

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