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Thursday, January 12, 2006


Got on & Cast-On! Knit!
Heel Turned while wheels were turnin’.
Toe shaped while corner made.
KITCHeNERD in route. WOOT!

THIS is the first sock totally fashioned on the #66 Chicago Ave Bus; it took about two weeks to finish. Why I’m so proud of it, I cannot say, except the Sock Love for this onsie is Strong!

Of course, the yarn colors are very passionate and bold: burgundy, dark and light; blue; neon and navy. And then there’s Lime.

Just a little bit.

Shot through.

The color changes ended up being on an unexpected angle which attractively wraps around the tubes.


I orginally bought enough of this yarn to make a shawl! That was before I understood, apres Flower Basket, that bold variegated yarn just isn’t the best for Lace – but subtle shading is just fine. Dhuh.

So I have either two more pairs of socks or ???????

I enjoyed an unexpected Bus Bonus yesterday on commute. I was all bundled against the early morning dampness in a bucket hat, down parka, really ugly glasses hunched over my knitting WHEN I realized it was time to pack it up. I swept off my hat, shook my head to fluff out my hair and put the glasses away and IMMEDIATELY this guy who had been staring at me for blocks started hitting on me. It was as if On Command from the Girl’s Guide to Flirt. Shake and touch hair, Lose Glasses, Connect! WHY bonus instead of usual scoff? He was Really Cute…

22 responses to “Thursday, January 12, 2006”

  1. Danielle says:

    Gorgeous socks! Will you tell us what the yarn is???

  2. Nanc says:

    Loverly sock! And I loved your bonus bus moment. Nothing like a bit of flirt to make us girls happy (at least for the moment).

    Hmmm… two more pairs of matching socks or? What about a yarn trade? Sock yarn for sock yarn? Or do you have something clever up your parka sleeve?

  3. Cara says:

    Go you! Once I was on the train, it was an odd time for me on the train and I was out of it and there was this guy – he was looking at me really intensely and he was really really cute. And I was all psyched because I thought he was so cute and all and then I realized he looked familiar.

    Yeah. It was my husband. I was so happy! He was hot and MINE! Like I said – he wasn’t supposed to be on that train and I wasn’t supposed to be on that and it was weird, but very cool.

    Anyway, gorgeous sock! I’ll second the what yarn is it question.

  4. Jill says:

    He was just waiting for you to finish what you were doing :) Gorgeous sock, and I too would love to know what yarn it is.

  5. margene says:

    Gorgeous sock! Gorgeous you. He was just waiting for you to look up. Are you going out? (Not that it’s my business;-)

  6. B. says:

    Why not get yourself some chic glasses?

  7. Roxanne says:

    Love the vibrant colour of the socks!

  8. Terry says:

    Nice, bright colors = approachableness (Really! that’s what I learned once in a color wkshop.)

    So I think your fans are waiting for the next installment of the #66 bus ride…

  9. meg says:

    Love that sock! Nothing like bright, fun colors – especially in January. :) It’s got a happy cute guy vibe, too! Obviously “ugly glasses” don’t hide Bonne Marie’s allure. How cool.

  10. Michelle says:

    Your colourway is FAB. The famous Clapotis pattern looks fantastic in varigated yarn, I did one up in Fleece Artists Merino (sock weight). Squeaked out a decent size scarf with one skein. I’d wished I had two skeins because I didn’t want to stop droppin’ those stitches. Clap it up.

  11. Leah says:

    He knew someone really cool lurked beneath the glasses and the flying needles. Only total cuteness!

    Really, really like the socks too. Bet someone would be happy to take it off your hands if you didn’t need another pair of socks!

  12. katie says:

    I love the sock! I’m really ready to start my next pair.

    Good luck with the cute fella. Did he get your #?

  13. Helen says:

    Like Danielle said…
    WHAT’s the YARN??
    I NEED this yarn! It’s… it’s…. GORGEOUS

  14. Imbrium says:

    Pretty, pretty. The way the colors blend reminds me of Fleece Artist. I, too, wait for the yarn identification with bated breath.

  15. erika says:

    Wow! Those colors are amazing. I love the pattern it makes.

  16. rachelkates says:

    Spring Fever hits the #66!

    Isn’t that vibrant yarn Blue Moon Fiber’s Sock that Rock?

  17. rb says:

    I can’t believe anyone is talking about the knitting after that awesome bus story! When’s the date? What’s he look like? Etc.

  18. Bonne Marie says:

    That WAS one hot bus ride! For some reason, my knitting is usually date bait for much younger guys – such a mystery! SOCK MAGNET! But this guy was simpatico generation, tall, dark, HANDSOME!

    Silly me, I think it was too early for me to get the Vamp Vibe transmitting (although I DID Flick my hair, oops) and we didn’t exchange numbers. I’ll keep my needles crossed for another chance ;) Whew – pass me a tissue…

    The Yarn: this is Twinkle Toes (I have no color name info – my receipt has disappeared) from ebay seller Lotusblossom. It is my first time using it – I like – 100% wool and has a nice hand and twist.

    I would LOVE to trade this (I have 2 hanks) for some Opal or Trekking – email me with some suggestions?!

  19. elisabeth says:

    Ok, I really do like the sock, but I really want to know the follow up to this flirty story. Was information exchanged? Or, did you part ways only with eye-batting. An old friend of mine met the LOVE. of. her. life on the #6 subway. Now, that’s a “connection” if ever there was one!

    I’m waiting….(foot tapping, arms crossed!)

  20. Mary Neal says:

    I ASSUME you have checked both Craigslist and the Reader for a message from the guy, RIGHT?

    Oh, and w/r/t J. Rhys-Meyers: Vel.Vet.Gold.Mine. Also starring Ewan McGregor and Christian Bale (she faints).

  21. carolyn says:

    please tell me what sock yarn that is, i love it!

  22. Karen B. says:

    Would you consider some Socks That Rock instead of Opal or Trekking?

    BTW, love the simpatico man magnet avec hair toss. I’ll keep my needles crossed for you, too!

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