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Friday, December 2, 2005

XMAS Decorating: DONE…


the Socks were all hung by the chimney with care
in hopes that MORE sock yarn soon would be there…

I’ll admit it. I’m 50% Scrooge; 50% Chesnuts Roasting by an Open Fire. Stoking the personal Christmas Spirit usually takes a few weeks for me – sometimes right up to the finish line. Not for me the Tree in Every Room! The Garlanded Gate! The House-of-a-Thousand-Lights!

This just might be it.

Then again, I have plenty of time to turn the corner.

Why just last night on the #66, the Spirit was washing us all down. Never, or at least in common seasonal memory, do I recall such a Warm, dare I say Fuzzy, night of commuter riding. In spite of the packages banging everywhere, in spite of standing passengers suddenly sitting on the seated during numerous Lurching Quick Stops, in spite of the biting cold sapping whatever remained of our Low 6PM Blood Sugar, we were alright. The Christmas Kids were Alright…

Even the usuals – the Mouthy Loud Teenage Contingent – were in check. I might have been dreaming but I think I heard a Yes, Mamm after I said Excuse Me to a teen I had to squeeze by in passing (and even though that *mamm* is possibly the #1 Ego Prick for women of a certain age, I had to say Thank You Young Person…)

Love was everywhere, even after we got going and I got going on a new sock! Another rider actually asked me if I’d finished the one I’d been working on last week. DANG! Almost busted for Startitis right in Transit! Unheard of.

Luckily, the White SOX Sox are FINI!

And don’t they look all darn cute hanging from the mantle. Do your Duty boys…

10 responses to “Friday, December 2, 2005”

  1. Norma says:

    Ha! 50% Scrooge, 50% chestnuts roasting. Yep, that’s me too.

  2. Sharlene says:

    LOL, that’s pretty funny… busted by a knit watcher! :)

  3. Jewel says:

    The socks look great hanging there. No lumps of coal for you this year!

  4. Laura K. says:

    I’m not a big sock knitter, but I love your ode to the White Sox. And now that Paul Konerko is offically staying here where he belongs, I am one happy fan!


  5. Lolly says:

    Fabulous socks, dear Bonne! Love em!

  6. TAMARA says:

    My, what a large bow you have! ;-) Great socks. And don’t take the “ma’am” personally – that kid just has nice manners, which is so much better than so many of them these days…

  7. Nancy J says:

    All is right with the world and it’s only the first weekend of December! Cold. Snowflakes flying. End of the turkey soup. Yep. All right. (Good sock hanging weather, too!)

  8. Kay says:

    Oh no, not a dreaded ma’aming incident. I particularly hate it when it seems to me that the ma’amer is almost the same age as the ma’amee. I almost want to say just a minute, you’re too old to be calling ME ma’am, sonny. xox Kay

  9. stephanie says:

    I have thoroughly enjoyed every single sincerely intended ma’am I have ever received. It’s a southern thing.

  10. Bonne Marie says:

    Funny you should mention that Stephanie! I visited my Aunt Florence this year – she’s in Hampton, GA.

    I thoroughly LOVED being Ma’am-ed Southern Style – it was respectful and gracious.

    (But could also be a little sarcastic if preceeded by: “right away, ma’am” or tuned up by someone’s TONE. Which made me finally understand the phrase “kill ’em with kindness”.}

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