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Fun Fridays May 14, 2010

Fridays, when I was growing up, were for doing the Stroll, shopping after school with my mother, going Downtown then walking home along the river. In fact, those strolls might not have ever taken place if it wasn’t for the first few between mother and dad, who walked very slowly, sharing a paper sack of deluxe mixed nuts, heavy on the pecans, with an extra pound in pocket to be delivered later to my grandma. She often times walked with the young couple, maybe a half-block behind, as if invisible, unannounced, and trailing.

I always looked forward to these retail adventures, where anything could happen, but most likely, it would be all about the shoe.

Now it’s a commonly known fact that I love shoes.

Shoes, however, do not particularly love me. I’ve had rheumatoid arthritis since the early days and after a surgery, have a pinned toe on my right foot. The derring-do of early womanhood with high, high, heels has been tempered to low and fabulous. But one only has to spend a few moments shopping the incredible online shoe sites to see that there’s a plethora of wonderfulness out there for those of us on the low-stroll.

In fact, needing some new party sandals, I found what I thought was the perfect pair on the Kenneth Cole site, shiny, textured quasi-gladiators, with some kind of comfort tech soles that just cried out buybuybuyME! But when I went to Cart and tried to: BAM! Not in my size! OH! What a piercing blow! So instantaneous, so final, so unlike those few moments when you are actually sitting in a Shoe Store and the associate disappears into the back room to check and see. At least, while you’re sitting there in your tubular, glorious peddies, the moment is still alive, it can still happen. And your toes, they wiggle.

So, with this in mind, I hot-footed it uptown aways to see if hope was still an option — there’s a Cole store on Michigan Ave and I ran up State Street, crossed the river, cut through the new (and fabulous) garden just north of Trump Tower, come out through the Wrigley Company arch on Michigan Ave and burst into Kenneth Cole paradise.

They didn’t have it either.

But they did have the will to make a sale. And they got on the phone. And moments later, speaking to Biscayne Bay FL, Aventura (wave!) the deed was done. Online handshakes landline via brick and mortar and happiness ensues!

But not in hand! Perhaps a consolation prize was in order, going up aways, dressing the “top layer” for the summer socials:


Maybe a little cocktail dress for that wedding, that musical, that dinner date: a shiny twill and polished cotton number from Club Monaco with the most intriguing appliqued grosgrain ribbon darts. The zippers, black front and back, are applied on the right side of the dress and although I wouldn’t unzip the back one, one could naughtify the front as needed, according to the function one was attending, or even how late you were into that wedding reception…

river-walk-P1000798I walked home along the river, seeing my shoes everywhere I looked.

Everything was shiny, reflective, metallic and textured. The Trump Tower was filled with a panorama of the skyscrapers on the south side of the river, rippling in the late afternoon sun.


I dreamt about the shoes that looked like the river that reflected in the walls and towers and eyes.


And now in Chicago, via Florida, via Cole and some really nice, nice people, my shoes


Ready to TGIF !!!


10 responses to “Fun Fridays May 14, 2010”

  1. chantelaine says:

    It’s like reading a novel! You keep us on the edge until we see them: the shoes!! lol!!! And you’re right, those shoes with the dress, it is just perfect!! Have fun!

  2. You do have wonderful taste in shoes. We share the need for low, though mine has more to do with my plantar fasciitis, and I’ve been really suffering lately with an ankle brace for a suspected fracture. I’ve been forced into wearing athletic shoes for the past three weeks. And our weather finally turning into sandal weather….sigh. No sartorial splendor here……

  3. Jeanne Horvath says:

    Those are very cute shoes and with the dress, a great summer wedding combination. You inspire me to make to find something like that myself.

  4. Susan says:

    Fabulous! You make me want to move to Chicago. LOVE the shoes and the dress.

  5. Amy says:

    Love the shoes!

    I’m takign the bus and walking over 2 miles a day…and I’ve never been into the super high heels..and I’ve got wider feet.

    I’m looking for some cute dressier black sandles – no rubbing, pinching, not too high, etc. You’ve inspired me to start the search in earnest!

  6. Pam says:

    Wonderful! Nothing like new shoes!

  7. carlene says:

    Oh, that is the perfect summer outfit. Cute but relaxed, a little leg & arm baring (did you know a stranger envies your biceps?) and still grown up. Perfect.

  8. Karen B. says:

    Well done, Bonne Marie! I love darts and tuck pleats. The shoes are the perfect complement. I understand the hunt for what you want.

  9. Rhonda says:

    I love it! I have been trying to “put together” and outfit to wear to my daughter’s graduation…long distance. Your great, I should hire you!

  10. Anna says:

    Oh, you hurt me so…I miss Chicago so much! Those are some nice shoes, if you’re into that gladiator look. All my sandals are SAS, very cushy but maybe not so stylish :) I have some open toe slings that are dressier, but rarely wear them as I have the world’s biggest BIG TOE which doesn’t enjoy being half-strangled. State St! Madison! *snif* I could probably live there vicariously if there were more pictures….just sayin’!

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