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To Close or Not to Close May 11, 2010

Going through some of my Spring Portfolio files, I came across some early pictures I thought might be fun for all of us knitting along on Cerisara

The lovely RobinM, recently finished hers and used a rather unique closure on her sweater, something she describes as a “barbell”. (And please, for all things holy to Sexy Knitters everywhere, check out those Shoes!!)

I found this to be very interesting because, during the trial phases of the design, I was playing around with options myself. Ultimately, the choice of closure (or No Closure) was left up to the knitter.


Initially, as this design was floating, brain droit, as it were, it presented as something I am constantly in need of: something between a sweater and a shawl. To date, I’ve only knit one shawl. Even though I adore how they look, I just have never gotten the “hang” of wearing them. Better for ze Wardrobe, I envisioned? A light wrapper that would be lacy and airy, like a shawl, but have more structure, with sleeves and a traditional appeal, with a modern fit.

Chic-Knits-Cerisara-Back-NeckIt would be in one piece, seamlessly starting from the back neck and ending with only the weaving in of ends. (In fact, if one is a super-duper weaver, this piece can be worn inside out).

Ultimately, a delicate wrapper with lace fabric, was born… And that translated as buttonless. Consider: in the Real World Wearing of most of my sweaters, even if they have 10 buttons, only 2-3 will be used to close and much of the time not even that. They will be worn un-buttoned. A lot.

Which is why I am so Mad About Cardigans to begin with: the temperature control thing. ;p

But. If one Wanted to anchor the front with a fastener, what would it be? Buttons? Shawl pin? Or something like this:

Chic-Knits-Vest-ButtonThis is a little “option” that I’ve used in the past and really like with this style. It is a simple crocheted chain string, made long enough to form a loop, which then is used to fasten around a button anchored on the opposite side it’s anchored to.

The length of the loop controls the snugness of the fastening. In fact, my favorite option was not to attach the “working” end of the string, but to leave IT loose, (hanging straight down when not in action), allowing it to be wrapped around the button at different tightness levels, depending on how the piece was being worn (and what was being worn under it). This is, in fact, how I’m going to finish the Cerisara I’m working on now. :)

Here’s the loop in action:


I used a really pretty light aqua button to be the anchor on the left side of the garment — so very lucky to be a Flea Market fiend the past summers at the local Sunday county fairgrounds (great diggin’).

This picture is the sample Cerisara before I started the sleeves. You can see that it makes a great vest (and armhole finishing is included in the pattern).

6 responses to “To Close or Not to Close May 11, 2010”

  1. Kathleen says:

    Love the fastening! Decorative and interesting even when not in use.

    One thing that is so great about your designs is your styling ideas–how to wear, how to fasten, how to get different looks from the same pattern.

    Cheers, Kathleen

  2. technikat says:

    It’s looking great. I love that loop fastener but I would be inclined to put another button on the attached side of the loop too.

  3. Sandra Milton says:

    Love this idea, love the placement site of the fastening also….just perfect…and ditto with Kathleen (above)!

  4. Now I have lots of ideas for “barbell” fasteners with lampworked beads, or vintage buttons….Ummmmmmm..

  5. Ashley says:

    Hey thanks for this descriptive blog… I’ve been thinking about learning to knit, as I am not doing school or work now due to illness (that I blog about). Obviously, I should start with simpler stuff first, though. Hahaha Like a scarf, I guess. Do you think a scarf is a good starting point?

  6. Melissa Cordstone says:

    Hey, did you reliae you posted this recent entry as 2020 instead of 2010? Just wondering if you were going for a futurist type of angle…anyways, great blog, I am just starting to explore knitting myself.

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