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Fresh May 6, 2010

My “experiment” knitting with black yarn is almost finished and it’s left me very excited to do it again. This motivated another, more extreme, stash dive and I found the yarn that I was originally going to use for this (CE Avgnon Cotton/Silk) which is now rumbling around my head wanting to become something soon. Also popping up out of the masses, a couple of bags of Plymouth Wildflower, enough black OR dark navy to make some little cardies.

I’m addicted to 3/4 sleeve sweaters! One of my first designs ever to go into the ether was the Sitcom Chic (and I really have to laugh when I read the liner notes but hey!) It does say: “Fashion forward starlets and divas are wearing lightweight little sweaters over their chic sleeveless dresses or camisoles.” And everybody is still doing it — walking around State St everyday I see many, many outfits topped with a small cardigan. Me included. I live in them. The Eyelet Cardi was born after people wrote to me wanting to re-gauge the SChic and so I released a DK version, top-down, delightfully simple.

But there’s still unexplored territory here and who knows what little cat (heh, cardi) is going to come out of the bag?


I’m 8 inches of neckband, two small seams and a few buttons away from some new threads!

Here they are sitting in the morning sun, by a window in my living room, rippled by the morning breeze and rustling tree limbs.


Living two miles off of Lake Michigan is so very luscious in the A.M. Even when it’s quite warm during the day, the air drops down after sunset and the cool breeze visits all night long. It lingers in the early morning and is quite possibly one of my favorite things about living here. It makes me miss the days I lived in San Francisco less.

The windows open to its path fills the whole house with refresh.

And that’s why this little sweater is the perfect thing to go with my morning coffee. Or more…

…to be continued

2 responses to “Fresh May 6, 2010”

  1. Sandra Milton says:

    Hi Bonne Marie. I found knitting with dark colours while watching TV at night becoming more difficult, so I invested in an Ott-Lite, but any lamp with a Halogen (white light) globe makes a tremendous difference to clearer visibility, helps with eye-strain, allows me to knit for longer, make less mistakes, and makes fixing my mistakes, much easier. Hope this helps anyone with similar difficulties. Downside is, that it becomes a bit hot if too close, in Summer!

  2. Bonne!! Your CeCe is delightful. I’m still working on mine….so glad I’m not in a race. But I must say your work is inspiring…….(I will forge ahead, I will forge ahead…) If only because when I’m finished with CeCe, Miss BB awaits!

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