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Thursday, May 20

Onde = Wave = Ombre

the Finish Line Arrives


The temperature in Dijon, France has surely hit the roof! Anna’s wonderful sweater is finished and is HOT HOT HOT!

Read all about it Here.

Our very own co-host, Silvia (from California!), has finished her wonderful Onde as well! Read her May 8th entry for all the fab specs…

Right On SIL! It looks SMASHING!

Theresa is ALMOST DONE! Bravo neighbor! It looks MAHVeLous!

Wishing Caryn a speedy recovery from some Health Blues!

Go HEIDI GO! On that Thesis!

And last and surely least is my current progress on my sweater:


Now that I’m done with the Wavy Bulb, this is going really fast! I love working with this yarn and adore the fabric it produces. This is the Left Front/Back combo piece. I’ve finished the decreases and am almost done with the waist portion, then on to the bodice increases.

When I was up in Michigan last week, I went on the rounds with my Mom to her Docs, etc. and everywhere I pulled this out to work on it, people came over and ADMIRED it.

I do & do & do ONDE onde…

7 responses to “Thursday, May 20”

  1. greta says:

    Wow! I’ve GOT to stop looking at onde pictures…just too gorgeous for words!

  2. Jojo says:

    OK, I don’t really get it – how does onde work? Are their multiple skeins that you use, or is the gradion of color built into each skein? I don’t understand (the miracles of knitting) if the gradiation is in each skein you would get such a lovely resulting fade of the color.

    Can you enlighten me?

  3. Debbi says:

    I just want to echo Jojo’s questions. I was about to type a litany of my own but saw I’d been beaten to it. :) If it is just one ball of yarn that fades, how does one ensure that the ball of yarn will be big enough to make the required piece of sweater and have the color gradations hit at the right spots? For example, I’d probably have an inch of “hyacinth” at my hips and then an enormous white expanse from there. :) ??

  4. Bonne Marie says:

    The secret is that you use one colored skein until it runs out (and it finishes always in white).

    Then you make the rest of the piece using just white yarn. The colored gradiation is built into the colored skeins; theoretically they are dyed and skeined so they all start at the *same place* so if you only have two pieces that match, like two sleeves, you’ll get almost identical results.

    That’s why they have you knit the cardigan pieces as a left front/left back combo of one big piece.

  5. deirdre says:

    Wow! Those Ondes look great! I’m racing to get mine done. My goal is next Thursday, and I think I’ll make it. Of course, now I’m soo excited! Wow!

  6. Silvia says:

    Yummy progress. You better hurry, I hear Chicago is sinking and Onde could be your Robinson Crusoe sweater…

  7. Heidi says:

    Hooray! Congrats to all on the completed and nearly-there Ondes, and many thanks for the words of encouragement (thesis? what thesis??)! I got the purple stuff a few days ago in the mail which means I’m finally Onde way (sorry, very sorry, very bad pun indeed ;) It’s knitting up like a dream and compared to Cables and Trellis, this baby is knitting up soooo quickly! I promise to post pictures and progress reports on Monday and thanks to Bonne Marie for making my first knit-along such fun.

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