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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Ode to the Fiber Fest, cont…

Picture it, the barn that is: hay, critters, pens, dirt floor, boots,
wood, and more…

Move the wool to the mill – truck, shear, bundle, stack and spin…

Get it in my suitcase at the fiber fest – truck, tent, dirt, hay, sneeze, table, bag, ground (while I enjoy some fried dough)…

After all this, one just has to ask the question:

How Barny IS It?

just l@@k @all that dirt!~!

Well, my little city friends, we are giving this
3 brn.gifbrn.gifbrn.gif ‘s out of a possible 4…



1brn.gif : mule spun scored @the LYS

2brn.gifbrn.gif ‘s: hand-painting removed some of the field grass and hay

3brn.gifbrn.gifbrn.gif ‘s: has barely been touched by human hands

4brn.gifbrn.gifbrn.gifbrn.gif ‘s: still on the Sheep’s Back

And the Best News for my 3Barny Wool is that after it got a soapy hot water DUNK, I was rewarded with this:


a nice, soft, beautiful piece of wooly goodness.

A little of my own elbow grease and I have something I can’t get anywhere else!

5 Responses to “Wednesday, September 28, 2005”

  1. rachelkates says:

    Wow, is it a different color after washing?

  2. Bonne Marie says:

    Different Color? Nope – that’s DIRT in that water – the yarn is still Natural Grey – which still looks Brown to me… :)

    (Swatch picture not taken in Natural Light, though…)

  3. Beth S. says:

    Have you ever knitted with Peace Fleece? I don’t think I’ve seen any mention of it here, but it’s one of my favorites. Very rustic stuff, but it softens up considerably when washed.

    I also really love Beaverslide yarn. It smells just like wildflowers when you open the box. :-)

  4. June says:

    Jeeze, I bet a lot of that is carding/spinning oil. I had a 10% weight loss on a bump of unspun fiber, how disappointing! But it does change the hand of the fabric, no doubt.

  5. Bonne Marie says:

    Geez LooooEeez! Between my Elbow Grease and all that Spinning Oil, I’m getting a craving for some French Fries!

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