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Why’d you go and do that? March 2, 2010

I’ve been a little over-stimulated lately by My Kind of Town my kind of life — there’s been plenty-O on my plate in the knitting department (does my olympic project count if it made it through the tech editing stage but not the runway?) — and there’s been plenty to keep busy with everything else too. And that’s the rub. All of a sudden, I’m surrounded by temptation at every turn. Good or bad — you decide…


Coming up from the basement of my day job building, I saw this incredible sight: this is the view riding up the slow escalator, bagel tucked under arm, shooting one-handed.


It is merely the atrium view of the newish State St Mall we share with a few choice others but wow! It’s gorgeous as they put the finishing touches in place. You can get L’Occitane, Zara, Steve Madden, and many others who are truly a plague on my pocket.


But why, I ask, why did they have to make this store this color? Wasn’t it enough that it was a foregone conclusion (I’d like to know who first used that phrase — very nice, thanks) that I’d be drifting in there every Friday just throwing my paycheck down on the counter in whole? Did they have to go and make it the color of my Muse the inspiration of my eyes the one thing that would magnetize me like nothing else?


Chartruese, damn you.

10 responses to “Why’d you go and do that? March 2, 2010”

  1. Jennifer says:

    It’s destiny. the pictures are beautiful.

  2. Norma says:

    Heh-heh, they did market research, and they asked the question, WWBML? (What Would Bonne Marie Like?)

  3. Susan says:

    Yeah, that color would suck me in too. It’s a conspiracy!

  4. jane says:

    My favorite color, also. One can never have too much acid green yellow!!!!Love!!!

  5. Heather says:

    So glad I’m no where near that center, I would be sucked in too! Great shots, btw. One-handed, I’m impressed.

  6. Joan says:

    You have to go to Beard Papa down in the pedway for cream puffs, they are fabulous!

  7. I’m with you there. I’d be a goner, for sure.

  8. Julie says:

    Oh wow, this makes me wish I still worked downtown. That’s dangerous to my wallet, too!

  9. Love your blog. We’d like to collaborate with you. Are you open to that?

  10. Kay says:

    O man. I can resist the Anthro at Rockefeller Center (sort of) (usually) but if it were chartreuse I’d be a goner.

    My condolences. Predatory marketing!

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