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Monday Morning Mirth March 1, 2010

  Monday Morning Mirth  

(this is a true story)

Early Morning Get yer Game On Tips from Chez Chic:
- be sure to get OUT of bed
- try not to use the magnifying mirror to check your face wash until after 11 am
- save eyebrow chores until after 5 pm
- bonus: discover the perfect hot but not too much setting is at precisely 10 pm on your shower dial
- be sure to take off your socks before you get into the shower (very important for those living in extreme cold climates — maybe you better check for a hat, too)
- please, dry everywhere (chapping is not your friend)
- check the label on the can before you apply hair spray instead of deodorant to your bits
- seal everything with a thick layer of lotion (really does help in the cold)
- smile every time you see your reflection in the mirror
- last, but not least, have a piece of chocolate while you’re doing your make-up, I guarentee you’ll look more delicious

tips gladly gathered below…

2 Responses to “Monday Morning Mirth March 1, 2010”

  1. SusanSw says:

    Don’t go anywhere near the magnifying mirror if you are trying to get out of the house before noon…the same goes for the computer!

  2. CindyCindy says:

    I have done the sock thing. It’s a real jolt, isn’t it?

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