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Fashion Week Fall 2010 RTW February 18, 2010

A different kind of olympic event is going on even as we speak: it’s Fashion Week in New York City and I’ve been doing a little half-pipe surfing around the nets looking at ze Spectacle of it all…

Featuring Fall 2010 RTW (in no particular order…)

Because I love their slideshows: the New York Times

Because I love their snark: Gawker

Because I need to know what the Celebs wore to the shows: InStyle

Because I need to know what trends to prepare for:

the Return of the Confused/Missing Sleeves
00090f   00120f
from l. to r. Wang then Lepore (click for show)

evanwangNot too on board with the concept. Did you know that Vera Wang designed the competition outfits for Chicago area men’s figure skating champion Evan Lysacek? You can see the very same influences punctuating her Fall RTW collection: lots of black materials, with feather and fur accents. She also offers some reviews of skating outfits from the past in this article with a slideshow on the left…

Because I love reading them:

Cathy Horyn

Suzy Menkes

the Fug Girls take Manhattan

the Cut

Although we all know that some (erm, a lot) of what you might see isn’t going to work on most, I am drawn to this dress by Proenza Schouler as worn by model Flo Gennaro:


Here’s how the guys (Proenza Schouler / Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez) look who designed this dress:


who said they were “mixing New York grit and the “American thing.”

2 responses to “Fashion Week Fall 2010 RTW February 18, 2010”

  1. Bridget says:

    That last style – more like modern-French-maid-young-boys’-sexual fantasy outfit – I mean look at the designers! hahahahaha You know, as I get older, things just seem to repeat.

  2. meg says:

    I’ll take the snark, thank you! Omg, I’m getting so curmudgeonly in my old age. (help!) That Tavi child, a fashion person? She looks like someone’s eccentric granny – are they serious?

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