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Monday Morning Mirth December 28, 2009

  Monday Morning Mirth  


Top Ten Fashion Statements for 2009: Good? Bad? YOU Decide…

10 – Harem Pants

9 – those Kawasaki 704 titanium frames

8 – all things Drew

7 – Lady Gag-a

6 – Aretha Franklin’s Inaugural hat

5 – Men in Kilts!

4 – Cowls!

3 – Open-Toe Booties/Gladiator Sandals

2 – Clothing Lines Of The Stars

1 – Little Cardi over a Little Dress


>>>>> Heather, from Lompoc, come on down — you’ve won the yarn from 12/22 <<<<<

8 responses to “Monday Morning Mirth December 28, 2009”

  1. Michele says:

    Cowls ROCK!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Deb Molitz says:

    men in kilts!! Just think, Craig Ferguson, Gerard Butler and Sean Connery – maybe not in that order.

  3. Andrea Hunter says:

    Kilts, I agree with Deb.

  4. Susan says:

    Harem pants are just wrong. Yep, I agree about the kilts.

  5. Seanna Lea says:

    Kilts are great, but as soon as you make a shoe a boot it should cover all of your foot. Otherwise what is the point?

  6. Bonne Marie says:

    Craig, Gerard & Sean – all at the same time is what I’m thinkin’ ;p

    BTW, I think I have some sort of winter season malady because those fringed no-toe boots are starting to look good to me! Maybe it’s the fringe. Maybe it’s the perfect grey polish on the toes.

    I could be Mrs. James McAvoy/Mrs. Tumnus in these bumpkin kicks…

  7. Mary says:

    Down with pants! Up with kilts!

  8. Heather says:

    Gladiator sandals / boots = bad! Sorry, just don’t like ’em on anyone. Although have to agree with Bonnie Marie above, the grey polish does look good…
    Kilts on hot guys = hot!

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