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Cheater November 24, 2009

Even though I’m getting a lot done on my Mondo Cable Pulli, I’ve been as fickle as Chuck Bass on a tear.

Lots of clandestine needlework happening here at Chez Chic, which hopefully, will delight and amuse!

But I want my pullis and need to get a move on (sleeve is 6″ at this point)!


To say this might be the ultimate TV knitting sweater is probably a bit of hyperbole, but typing it seems ok so there you go!

Speaking of Travels with my TV: recently, and proudly, although some might say belatedly, I’ve advanced my rank of stone cold geek.
The Gateway? Netflix Instant Movies.
Now I’ve seen all sorts of friends with downloaded stuff on their iPods and home boxes but never came across this new(er) type of delivery system. My friends have scoffed mightily at my late arrival to this platform; most loudest, the guys, ie. guys who game.
But dare I say I’ve been making up for lost time? Especially interesting to me: British TV & movies, and there is a load of those to choose from. I’ve been watching a CSI type profiling show called the Wire in the Blood; something called Battlefield Britain (love me some history!); and have queued many films and series. I’m not sure how my queue would be interpreted – mixing crime stories, romance, and anthropology, but there it is. I even threw in Ballykissangel Season 4 to gawk at Colin Ferrall in his especial line dancing youthfulness.
There’s recent stuff too: Happy Go Lucky; Gangster #1; Humko Deewana Kar Gaye (bollywood?); and stashed away for a rainy/freezy day: a newly released special edition of Mario Van Peeble’s New Jack City! <<< This sentence alone says something very important about my psyche although I'm not sure what.
But back to geek-i-tude: I’m using my ancient Sony laptop to power this film fest, and I’m amaze at how great it looks even on a bigger screen. WiFi rocks!

But I digress.

I’m hoping to get this finished by the end of the month. See: writing it down throws down the challenge!


DRUMROLL AND the Winner of the book is: Delica, chosen this morning by random drawing of comments left below. THANK YOU everyone who joined in the Fun!

6 responses to “Cheater November 24, 2009”

  1. Rose says:

    I’m thinking about joining Netflix, which shows you I’m even further behind than you are. I love British stuff and it’s starting to feel like my Sunday night fix of Masterpiece Theatre isn’t enough. More, I want more, and I think Netflix will be my “dealer” of choice!

  2. Seanna Lea says:

    I used to be on Netflix, but I was mostly using it for documentaries, foreign films and anime. Everything else I wanted to watch I either had or could borrow from a friend. It helps to have a lot of geeky friends to supply extra watching material (especially during the craft marathons).

  3. Barbara-Kay says:

    Techno Geek + knitting = a wonderful life. Enjoy!

  4. Katinka says:

    We just set this up on our Playstation 3, and it’s AWESOME. My husband and I looked at each other in awe and whispered, “We’ll never have to leave our bedroom again….” :P

  5. Sarah says:

    I was just researching the laptop/wi-fi/tv hookup yesterday! Just got a new laptop and am trying to figure out how I can hook it up to the TV to get my on-demand Netflix stuff. I don’t want to have to wait for my 30 Rock fix. Also, your sweater is lovely.

  6. jeanne says:

    You’ll love MI-5. I think the first four or five seasons are available to watch instantly.

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