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Reality Check Tuesday November 3, 2009

While this year goes wizzing by, along with several projects in progress, it’s always a good time to stop and check the rows-es…

Even someone who’s knit, at this point scads and scads of sweaters, can go astray (what, moi?)..

The Gauge Goblins! The Stitch Count Vampires, those harpies who suck stitches right into a nameless void! Zombies wielding mindless tape meaure results…

OK, halloween is over but you too can be a Ghost Whisperer of the knitting kind, all year round.

I’m at another critical point in my Mondo Cable Pulli where it is nothing but GO to take a good look at what’s on the needles.

For this, I grabbed another needle and split the piece into Front & Back sections, per needle (using a same size circ). Then I smoothed the garment out on a flat surface and measured some critical points.


The finished chest measurement is given in the stats (I’m making a size 38 which is two inches over my actual chest measurement of 36″). Measuring across the body of the piece, we get 19″ which is half that measurement. Check.

Then we measured the armhole (subtract the lower body measurement from the total body length measurement given on the schematic). Check.

Notice it is measured from the top of the shoulder to the bottom of the armhole, not the start of the sleeve raglan line. This accomodates the actual length of that area; most sweaters are constructed to compensate for some kind of neckband or collar and might not reflect the actual line measurement from where the cast on took place due to slight scoopage or the start of the neckline lower than the where the neckline meets the top shoulder line.

OK GO! On track and in line with the pattern!

2 responses to “Reality Check Tuesday November 3, 2009”

  1. Rose says:

    Where did you get the photo in the background? Thanks for the notes on measuring; I’m still new to garment construction and this type of detail is very helpful to newbies like me.

  2. Zonda says:

    Thanks for these posts, they will help immensely!

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