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Saturday, April 16, 2005


I must say, I am truly happy with the Fashion Colors roaming about the landscape this Spring!

Wouldn’t it be fun to be a fly on the wall when the Powers that Be decide what’s going to hit the Runway next season…

WHO are those people? How do they figure out those shades? Anybody?

Lots of frontal progress on my cotton ribby this week – ever since I got an iPod, it seems like I knit much faster on the bus ride home. The trick is to keep from shaking my head and tapping my feet in time with the music. Sometimes, I bite my lower lip too on an especially fine music phrase. Shake, bite, tap, throw yarn, flip needle, blink, drool…

I was hoping this would get me plenty of seats to myself on the #66 Bus, but with over 1/3 of the riders iPod enchanced, NO CHANCE! Now I just look like a stitchin’ maestro with those needles in hand and shaky head…

OH I’m full of questions (and coffee) this morning! Why is it that the GUYS on the Bus wear *cans* – those full or 3/4 size headphones – and the GIRLS wear the skinny cable white Ear Buds? I’ve been doing an unscientific poll on the other riders (ie. head-bowed eyeballing with mental notes) and for real, guys/cans, girls/buds.

A guy might come on the bus one day with his Buds; and Blam. Next day, Cans. The social pressure must be enormous! Another reason I’m glad to be a female… It isn’t enough that you are limited to Three Colors that you can wear, but you have to look like an Alien Insect while you’re trying to pick up women. OH, that’s the other difference. Women pod up to get away from the other riders; men – to achieve that essence of magnetic cool that no women could resist. Picture it – he catches your eye; shakes his big bulging head; lips slightly parted; you are on him in a minute.

DID I mention that the Personal Music Player has replaced the Trucker/Mesh Back Hat as the Number One Spring Fashion accessory?

CAN you hear the mighty Sigh of Relief blowing through the Windy City as we speak? ANYTHING would be a more welcome sight than that…


I’m liking how the center rib panel is working up. It is a subtle texture effect that will be more *open* when you wear the sweater. I’m going to use a button closure with this buttonband – will probable knit it right on! And, I’m going to use the Mock Turtleneck collar because, it’s my favorite…

Cotton Ribby Cardi
Design: ChicKnits
Color: #42 Soft Kelly Green
Gauge: 19sts/24 rows over 4″
Needles: #5 & #6
Yarn: ggh *Samoa*

10 responses to “Saturday, April 16, 2005”

  1. Merna says:

    Have you ever knit this button band right along with the sweater? Your work is far more precise than mine because I’ll do anything to avoid sewing pieces together, but this one works.

  2. Bonne Marie says:

    Yes! The sweater you see below (the grass green Daily Rib) that I just finished has this very same band knitted on. If you go back a few days in the blog you can see it in progress…

  3. Teresa says:

    I worked for a couple years as the 1 full-time employee of fiber artist Karren K. Brito (Shibori: Creating Color and Texture on Silk (her book, she doesn’t have a web site).

    I don’t remember the exact details but I do remeber that at a certain time each year Karren submitted color swatches to an international group/committee afflicated with Pantone. The swatches were her idea of what “the” colors were going to be for whatever season they were working on. She usually attended the (my words) international color conference where “the” color palette for whatever season was determined.

    One of the years I worked for her one of her color swatches was picked as a seasonal forecast color.

    Sorry I don’t remember more detail about it all – as impressive as it was to me at the time, you’d think more of the details would have stuck with me.

  4. Maria says:

    I think guys are more likely to wear the big headphones because they don’t care as much what they look like. Often, larger headphones will be better at noise-cancelling and give you louder music. On the other hand, we ladies like to look like ladies and not have HUGE aural appendages stuck to the sides of our heads. ~_^

  5. Bonne Marie says:

    Not to mention the dreaded *DENT* a headset might leave in one’s coif…

    The buds are driving me crazy; the cans are too bulky…

  6. carolyn says:

    i can’t wear the earbuds. neither can most of my girl-pod-friends. they are TOO BIG for our wee LITTLE ears. 20 minutes of those and my ears are CRYING in pain. ouch ouch ouch. pods too big. ears too little. ouch ouch.

  7. Gaile at Fidgety Budgie says:

    ear buds – ow ow ow. I have never found a pair that I can get into my wierd tiny little ears. I’ve seen some that look positively huge! And thanks for the image of the fly-eared man gaping at women on the bus. that’s pretty. ;-)

  8. Bonne Marie says:

    Whawt’s a girl to do if she can’t can/ can’t bud?

    Is there some girl-friendly listening devices out there?

  9. Silvia says:

    So have you moved the ribbed section to the CF from the sides? Very cute.

  10. sylviatx says:

    It’s the color police. They tend to meet once a year. There are a couple different important groups of them.
    Pantone of course is a huge one just because they manufacture the color matching guides for printing inks as well as dyes for textiles, plastics etc. Other groups are Color Association of the United States, International Color Consortium and Color Marketing Group. I don’t have links handy for them but google knows all.

    They have to meet in advance to decide “trends”, because of the complexity and expense of manufacturing. What a drag it would be if all the rugs you could buy were one set of colors, and you couldn’t find a trash can or drapes that coordinated to save your life?

    If you’d like to PM me your mailing address I’d be happy to send you some articles on the subject. Yes, I *do* teach Color Theory! LOL

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