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Tueday, March 22, 2005

uh, uh, uh…

Alrighty NOW! I’m doing Hard Labor with some Adware on my computer! Been infected by some mysterious varmit! Must search and destroy – no pain, no gain, etc. etc. etc. Let the healing begin…

11 responses to “Tueday, March 22, 2005”

  1. Jackie says:

    ha, that photo, oh you slay me.

    but I hope you work out the computer woes soon! I’ve been battling downed internet, myself.

  2. Hee! That is the funniest photo I’ve seen on a blog in ages! Thanks for the belly-laugh!

  3. Michelle says:

    I’ve been using a free service online called Housecall for a couple of years now. You may want to see if that will help you, on top of Adaware.

  4. Theresa says:

    Spyware isn’t funny, but the picture is great. I hope it hasn’t taken up too much of your time. We were cleaning the same thing off our computers about 6 months ago… yuck!

  5. claudia says:

    Oh, do I feel this pain. System Restore was the only thing that worked for me, but I knew exactly when I was infected.

  6. Knittykim says:

    Sorry to hear of your “infection”. No one likes computer cooties. I just hope it’s like bad thoughts: Whatever badness you wish on someone, it will come back three-fold. Hope the little bastards suffer their own computer flu x3!!

  7. Delf says:

    My employer (I’m a regular reader, not a spammer, just wanted full disclosure) has a beta of a spyware remover/prophylactic available for free download:

    (All the above should go on one line… Or just go to the main page and look for the “Popular Downloads” section at the bottom.)

    I’ve also had great success in the past with the cocktail of AdAware ( and Spybot Search&Destroy ( for these sorts of things. I use them both, one catches what the other might miss. Plus you get to talk about cocktails.

  8. Becky says:

    Oh, ick. I hear you. Same thing happened to me a few months ago and booted me off the comp for days while Mr. Hubby Guy fixed it. Such a pain! Clearly, people who come up with this stuff have too much time on their hands.

  9. Cathy says:

    Hope your ‘puter feels better soon…this is one of many reasons I have a Mac. I switched before the epidemic of spyware occurred and so have only seen it on friends computers, but what a mess it can be!

  10. geane says:

    Whatever you say, Naughty Nurse Betty..I mean Bonnie! :)

  11. one word: Firefox. it works. it’s sleek, fast, and free.

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