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Wednesday, March 16, 2005


the Revenge of the Barn Yarn

Once in awhile, usually early in the morning, a sweater will jump into my lap. It is not whole. It is sadly lacking seams and bands, and even, buttons. It is BEGGING to be seamed; whining to be worn.

Why I can do these duties only in the AM is a mystery to me – but it’s always been like that, and I’ve stopped questioning the why and just go straight to the wherefores.

The Sweater Whining gets loud enough, at some point, to actually WEAR ME DOWN and VOILA!

A Mattress Stitch is made.

A band appears out of nowhere.

Buttons march in place like troops galore.

IT’s a Sweater!

And believe me the pitiful chant of this sweater was particularly LOUD! I think sitting in the Marination Chamber with all that Palace Merino I’ve been working on lately was giving the Barn Yarn an inferiority complex…

Perhaps being started last February and not finished until 13 months later in MARCH just was insulting to its barny little body.

I don’t know.

WHAT I do know is that, coincidentally, it is still COLD enough to wear this *Jacket*.

And I’m Glad…

28 responses to “Wednesday, March 16, 2005”

  1. Kyla Block says:

    It looks gorgeous and very warm! Perfect for a cold, snowy Chicago winter!!

  2. Beth S. says:

    It’s fabulous! Perhaps my favorite thing in your entire gallery (well, besides Shazam.)

    Three cheers for barn yarn!

  3. Petra says:

    I LOVE the cables at the waist. It is very flattering and very pretty!

  4. nanc says:

    Beautiful. Absolutely stunning. This sweater/jacket is looks wonderful on and cozy, ta’ boot.

    I love how the cables are more on the subtle side than typical over-cabled, bulky sweaters (which I like, but in a different way). These are nice accent cables giving it a classy style.

    Mark this up to another great job!

  5. christina b. says:

    I love this sweater!! I love barn yarn, and I especially love how this hasn’t fallen into a usual barn yarn trap of being boxy and frumpy. This is neither! It’s beautiful.

  6. Marg says:

    A Marination Chamber! Just what I need for my humble not-quite-finished pieces! Do they come in *LARGE*?!

    P.S. The born-again sweater is lovely! Veddy clawssic, Dahlink!

  7. Theresa says:

    My targhee sends your targhee it’s love. Looks lovely!

  8. corine says:

    your barn yarn jacket kicks donkey!

  9. Cathy says:

    Ooooo, definitely one of my favorites! I love the cabling at the raglan seams and it’s a great -never get sick of it – color!

  10. margene says:

    I hope we’re going to be able to knit that great sweater, too!!

  11. Jo in ottawa says:

    If the weather in Chicago is anything like here, I think we have plenty of barn yarn season left. It is a lovely sweater and now you won’t get bored with Shazam when the weather is just right for a nice warm sweater. (Fie on those who don’t have much of a ‘nice warm sweater’ season.)

  12. love it. i’m with margene!

  13. Sherrie says:

    I absolutely love it. Add my cry to the others: “the pattern, please!!!”

  14. jane b. says:

    It turned out beautifully! I have been waiting to see how it would end up. I love it. And it looks great on you.

  15. Roxanne says:

    No worries…it’s just as cold here (and snow too) to wear my ribby cardi of wool too… Love your sweater…it’s gorgeous!

  16. rachelkates says:

    lovely! will you please model the back shaping?

  17. Bets says:

    Love it, so cute!

  18. Dana says:

    What a handsome jacket! Very lovely details and shaping.

  19. Norma says:

    Oh, je t’adore (I hope I got that right — my one semester of college French is showing…) I hope for the pattern, too!

  20. Silvia says:

    That’s a cute little number. I hope there is ample room in the BonneMarie sweater closet for more little cuties like this…

  21. Jen M says:

    Beautiful! Love the cables around the waist providing shaping – a great detail. And, love the cables around the arms matching the waist cables. Lovely!

  22. Sarah says:

    Smashing! I love the cables around the waist – gives it such a great shape!!!

    Another job well done – Brava!

  23. claudia says:

    Very nice. Looks somehow ’40’s to me. Or, that could be the fabulous red lipstick.

  24. Bonne Marie says:

    Thanks! OOwwhh! Wavy Hair and Red Lipstick = Pin-up Wannabee Me! Notice strategically placed hand on blubber on hip – I’m told that’s a startlet trick of yore during photo shoots…

  25. Liz C. says:

    Absolutely love the sweater. You really know how to design sweaters. Will you be making this available for sale? Not that I would look as lovely as you do in it, but I’d like to try!

  26. Lynn says:

    Just BEAUTIFUL…as usual!! :o)

    I hope this sweater will be available for sale!! I love it!

  27. Meg says:

    I *love* that sweater!!! Love the cables, everything. Very elegant! Great on you, too.

  28. melissa says:

    I LOVE the cable detailing. Very tres chic!

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