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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

hosted by the fabulous Alison

hmmm…. This missed it’s Valentine’s date –
will it show up for the OSCARS!? You Betcha…
It’s all sewn up
but it still needs a neck(?)…

If you are like many Chicagoans, you are playing “Can You Outguess Ebert” right now. It’s Oscar week and our papers and airwaves are full of it.

And especially full of it is Roger himself! We love him; we hate him (although we might just have even more pointed feelings for one Richard Roeper, his partner – eeeUehh!) We resist the impulse to read his Movie reviews until that day finally comes when you’re about ready to go to the MegaPlex and have NO IDEA what’s out there because, these days, it seems like Holly-Wood is spittin’ ’em out like watermelon seeds at an August picnic.

I love the Oscars! It is another one of those quintessentially American moments of Sincere Insincerity that we do so well. The Drama! The Fashion! The Emotion! And, greater than it all, because, boys and girls, this is Capitalism at its finest, the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

And it is everywhere! The Oscars I mean – seen by billions (?) worldwide, we get to rub out shoulders for one night with the glitterati without even leaving the living room! I’ll be pulling my false eyelashes out of the mothballs for the event and dolling it up to the max! Hooray for Hollywood!

ANd hooray for Ebert! For the first time in my personal history, I AGREE with him ALL THE WAY! OUUUFff………

What does THAT mean…

1. Sure signs Blogging is OVER: the telecast’s producer keeps an Oscar Blog for our pleasure

2. Your ScoreCard – really- a PDF Ballot!

3. Enjoy the SuperStars Evolution of Style at the Oscars over the Years

4. Just how big is BIG BUCKS after the Oscars?

5 responses to “Wednesday, February 23, 2005”

  1. Miriam says:

    YAY! I love movies, so I love the Oscars. My Uncle gets to vote for them and I’ll be staying with them this weekend, so it should be fun :)


  2. Laura says:

    I, as a former Chicago suburbanite, agree with you about Roger. But I know his opinions enough now to know if I will like a movie even if he doesn’t. And as an aside, I’m still chugging along on Mrs. CB’s Camp Jacket and loving it. I was derailed by the nasty flu/scum “disease” that is hitting everyone hard. I knew I was sick when I didn’t even feel like knitting! I’m about halfway done with my first front and have finished the back. Lovin’ it!

  3. Norma says:

    Hee, the Oscars are such a guilty pleasure. At the arts high school my daughter attended, they used to do a fundraiser for the Oscars. The boys would dress in gowns, the girls in whatever they wanted, they’d rent limos (the rental of the limo went toward supporting an AIDS charity) to drive them the approximately 500 feet from their dorms to their theater, they’d have a red carpet, and the whole school (200 students) would watch the Oscars on the big screen in the theater. Pure camp. As it should be. ;-) I’m usually on my couch in my sweatpants, but maybe this year I’ll get all dolled up like you!

  4. Jo in ottawa says:

    I’m back at the beginning with the beautiful new cardigan. It is looking very elegant and seems only to need a narrow band at the neck. Maybe a bit of picot detail would look nice but I wouldn’t go further than that. What did you have in mind?

  5. Meg says:

    The neckline on this sweater looks very classy just as it is. Maybe a very narrow edging would do the trick to add that finished quality. Beautiful color choice.

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