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Mondo Cable Pulli Thursday, July 30, 2009

More progress on my Mondo Cable Pulli…

Sleeve #1 is on the needles and a funny thing is going on. I was mobile with my knitting and only had the body needle with me to use to start the sleeves, (which I love to knit using a Magic Loop). Usually, it’s recommended that you use a very, very long needle for this technique, but I’ve found (just like when I knit socks) that if you have a very flexible cable, you can use a much shorter needle.

I love this!

It makes the knitting go much faster since the turn-arounds are all slicked up. And, there is no smack down going on, which can be the case when you’re using one of those super-long circs. This is the reason I’ve read that many dismiss this style of knitting-in-the-round. Who wants to be poked and wrestling with a foot-long loop every stitch you make?

This shorter (Addi) is very well-behaved and lies below my throwing hand (right) when I’m knitting.


This picture is very intersting to me; the pattern has two sleeve finishes and I’m waffling back and forth between long or cap ;p

Logic says since I’m about six inches into Sleeve #1, it’s going to be LONG, but I keep a-wondering…

And this has to be some kind of record for me — knitting sleeves concurrently on two separate projects! I think I better go play Lotto.

14 Responses to “Mondo Cable Pulli Thursday, July 30, 2009”

  1. Susan says:

    So how short do you go, needle-wise? I love the Addis but Magic Loop gives me a headache, especially with socks. Maybe length is my issue. Love this Mondo pulli!

  2. Laura says:

    Man, do I ever like the look of this in a pullover. Simple but so elegant. I can see it as cap and long, so I am of no use to you, but boy oh boy, do I ever love the neckline … Cheers, Laura

  3. Linda says:

    Maybe compromise? – like bracelet length? Those of us with less than toned arms thank you! I’d better go finish what’s on the needles, so I can start this one when it’s ready.

  4. ExecutiveKnitter says:

    When will this pattern be available? I saw it on Ravelry but no link to buy.

    Very pretty!

  5. Bets says:

    I like the length of the longer one in pic now! How about 3 variations? :)

  6. Debi says:

    Why not 3/4 then you dont have to push them up, can wear a tshirt in cooler weather, and can show off a great bracelet.?

  7. Julia in St. Paul says:

    I’m no help in the sleeve choice, as I’m all atwitter over the twin-ness of the piece! I just finished a Mondo Cable Vest in cream 1824 cotton. It looks remarkably like this one. Now I really have to get a picture of it. Loved the pattern – very ingenious construction.

  8. Renee says:

    Fall will be here soon – I’d go for the long sleeves.

  9. Lori on Little Traverse Bay says:

    We are actually having a summer day here (in No. Michigan), so I say go for the cap sleeve—it looks both summery and elegant. Lovely!

  10. Wasn’t it EZ who said you can get just about all the stitches you need to, onto a 24″ circ? As for the sleeve length, I’d go with longer — to balance out the “heavy” (i.e., wide) cable. :-)

  11. Karen says:

    Just to the elbow? I always like that length. Long sleeves can get into sink water. Sigh!

  12. Gwen says:

    I’m thinking that it would be very chic as a 3/4 length sleeve…but I also like the idea of a cap that you can wear a long sleeve thin t-shirt under in the wintery months.
    I know that this would be more work for you but, why not give us cap sleeves now, and longer sleeve options in a couple o’ few months when it starts to cool off?

  13. Todd says:

    I wish I had the skill to do some of the cool knit stuff you have on your website. It would be cool if there was a website that matched up freelance knitters with others interested in having custom things made. I used to work at Saks and bought my sisters and mother cashmere gloves, hats and matchign scarfs. Living in the South I just dont see that stuff around here.


  14. Andrea says:

    3/4 sleeve all the way. It is the most versatile and flattering on just about everyone. Cap sleeves pretty much have an age limit and I think I’m past it.

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