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Friday, February 18, 2005

Hey, it’s *New Threads* Friday





one cheap end-of-season bulky wool shell
3 skeins of bulky NEON wool
in a Mock Turtleneck and Contrasting Sleeves
with a Zipper
the cheerful late-winter-bustin’ COLOR!
of your new work Jacket!!!

…read the NOTES here


Film: the Wedding Date (A woman hires a male *escort* to take her to her sister’s wedding – no irony is too small for this fun chickFlick! There is one shot where they rim light Dermot Mulroney’s eyelashes that almost made me faint – you find the shot…)

Food/Cocktails: check out some new feedbin/watering holes. What is that woman WEARING in shot #2?

Music: Friday – SHARON JONES & THE DAP-KINGS – 10 PM, Double Door, 1572 N. Milwaukee AND free in-store at 12:30 PM Friday at Tower Records, 2301 N. Clark! Put some uncut FUNK in your Trunk; Saturday – CALVIN COOK, steel guitar player EXTRAORDINAIRE at Buddy Guy’s Legends Blues Bar, 754 S. Wabash – 9:30PM

24 responses to “Friday, February 18, 2005”

  1. kerrie says:

    Wow. That looks beautiful, enjoy wearing it!

  2. Theresa says:

    Whoa! Looking like spring incarnate there, Bonne Marie! :o)

  3. Toby Wollin says:

    If Phil had seen this reincarnated spring sweater, he NEVER would have said we have 6 more weeks of winter!!

  4. Jackie says:

    Whoa – LOVE the bright colors. Have fun wearing that – you need a cloudy day so you can brighten it up! :o)

  5. Karen says:

    February Fixin’ indeed! That looks great!

  6. Stine says:

    VERY Blue and green – a woman after my own heart – colorwise that is. Super looking!

  7. Leisel says:

    It turned out so bright and cheerful! Thanks for sharing the process with us.

  8. Rachael says:

    You remain amazing. Love it.

  9. Melanie says:

    Wonderful! I love reading your blog – thanks for sharing all your great ideas :-)

  10. alison says:

    Wicked cool! It looks great. And what fun to make. Steeking a store bought sweater, you rock!

  11. Silvia says:

    Well we already knew you were a genius…nice work.

    Re: Shot #2…I’m more amused by the gal’s friend in that photo. Uh what’s the deal with the man boobs and junior mafia hair.

  12. Bonne Marie says:

    Silvia – man boobies are all over the landscape here in the Mighty Midwest! Not only are we stuck in a fashion vortex, but the cold makes many of us about 15+ LBS OVER the LOAD LIMIT until JUNE (ya wanna freeze your tutu off?) – see #5, please, then continue to #7 for the guy doing the J

  13. Jo says:

    That is such an AMAZING transformation! Wow!

  14. Maggie says:

    I love the sweater!! Beautiful!!! Can’t wait to see that chickFlick.

  15. gaile says:

    holy crap that turned out fabulous! You are the knitting goddess of the week, hands down!!

  16. Kathy in San Jose says:

    Lovin’ the colors on your new sweater! Even my 13 y.o. DS thought it looked great!

  17. Laurie says:

    That girl in picture #2…she is wearing her cat.

  18. Woofs! SNAPS! You look fabulous, and what a wonderful, wonderful idea. Positively inspired, Bonne Marie!

    Oh, thanks for the photo tour of the new best nightspots. I like the garment in slide 2, but my absolute favorite photo is 28, which seems to be the Battle of the Overbites. Props to the toothy chick in shrekky green, our favorite color!

  19. Becky says:

    So freaking awesome! I never would have thought of converting a shell into a cardi. You’re the Fixing Empress of the Universe. I curtsy to your talents!

  20. Bonne Marie says:

    Oooohhhh, thank you, thankyou, THANK you! Hey Lisa, *Woof* has to be the pup equivalent of WHOOT! Two paws up! :)

    I was totally afraid the COLOR would offend my co-workers (and, ahem, even the public since I work on the streets). I don’t know if anyone remembers the NEON colors all over the place in sweaters/ski wear a few years ago – I had one shocking orange and a LIME green Polar Fleece pullover that my co-workers teased me mercilessly about. One guy at work had a bumper sticker on his locker that said, “Good Friends Don’t let Good Friends Wear NEON!”

    SO either they’re used to my shenanigans OR COLOR is just what we need NOW!

    I’m votin’ for the latter :) Shades optional…

  21. Bonne Marie – this is an amazing sweater – again! Great job, I am very impressed. I really like the colors. And as a side note, your lipstick is a great color, too. I think winter is making me get excited about such bold, warm colors! :) Happy knitting!

  22. lisac says:

    I’m in awe, it looks fantastic!

  23. Julia says:

    So cute and colorful. Great transformation there!

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