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Sunday, February 13, 2005



I HOWL for this Cowl! Right-on Marlena


The lovely Rose, from Citizen Skein, gives us New York groupies a cool rundown on the joint Christo and Jeanne-Claude Central Park Gate Project…

I adore the phone pix taken in the wee hours of the unfurling! Thanks for getting up early!!!

Hey Rose – I’m giving up French Fries and Diet Coke for Lent. We’ll see how long THAT will last…


Have you noticed? There are PUPPIES everywhere! That is one of the surest signs for me that SPRING is right around the corner…

Read about Breeze’s (Ballymena Winter’s Wind) adventures in birthing written by owner/spinner extraordinaire Kim over at the Woolen Rabbit


I am green with envy over Barbara’s fabulous fuschia Vittadini sweater using Natasha yarn! The midriff (sp.) cabling! The shape! The cables along the neck edge… BEAUTIFUL! See it over here at the Fiberphile


MORE ENVY: RedHead extraordinaire from my favorite City-by-the-Bay, Silvia, has made a fabulous beaded/crocheted necklace – choker set. OOh La LAAAH!


Support our Troops & their families! A big HELLO and welcome to the Knitting Blog Ring for Teresa, currently living in Germany with her Army Hubbie. Scroll down her page and check out her SMOKIN’ Skull chullo she made for him…


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