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Wednesday, February 2, 2005

      groundhog.gif my little friend says, “Mother Nature sure knew what she was doing when she dressed us animals!”

Phil Says Six More Weeks of Winter!

Whew! I thought I was gonna run out of WEATHER! It appears not! FABULOUS!

My CableMe Cardi is moving right along (back and 2 sleeves done) and I hope to have it completed in a couple of weeks. This was actually started in February last year – then it encountered the Stall.

The Stall is no stranger to me. Perhaps you’ve run into it as well. The wheels of invention start fast and furious, you rev the engine, you lay rubber when the flag falls…



I was lucky enough to have finished an entire piece (the Back), so everytime I opened up the Marination Chamber, I’d see this wonderful piece of fabric. I’d touch it. It is so user friendly – soft and spongy. The color tone pleases – it is natural grey, unprocessed by dye or chemicals, just like Mother Nature coated the little Targhee sheep it came from…

So why the Brake Job? Hmmm…. Going back and reading my entries (and this is what has started to be so cool about blog keeping – (self)REFERENCE!), I see I was making really intricate projects – Rapunzel, Lovie, Wavy Bulb. I’d finished a jacket – – and I was pattern writing/sample making for the Eyelet Cardi! WHEW! I think the thing just got lost in the crowd. I was also writing the pattern for this sweater and it just wasn’t the low effort, Sunday cruise I needed to escape from the others!

And THAT has been my secret to escaping the Stall. Finding a small project or exercise that allows you to feel that Thrill you get when you are in the Honemoon stages of a project. In fact, now that I think about it, I used CableMe to break the Stall I was on with the Wavy Bulb.

Talk about weird Chain Reaction!

4 responses to “Wednesday, February 2, 2005”

  1. Lynn says:

    I was perusing your completed galleries. I am so impressed at how your completed sweaters fit you so well (and are really flattering)! Are you fantastically lucky or do you have a secret (besides a Faerie Knitting Godmother)?

  2. Bonne Marie says:

    Thanks so MUCH!

    About FIT: Here is an article I wrote awhile back–

    It talks all about sizing and how to pick what would work best for you and the garment you are making…

  3. Birdsong says:

    Great analysis about what I term “derailed”… my office is full of derailed projects: knitting, sewing, scrapbooks for my (adult) kids, but I eventually cycle around to them and finish… however, there are two mis-placed sweaters I can’t locate that got derailed when hot weather put a stop to work on heavy woolens. Glad you will get done in time to wear this lovely garment for a snowstorm or two!

  4. jo says:

    Nice way to look at it. I actually used to feel guilty about having several things on the go at once (some little gremlin shaped like my mother haranguing me about not finishing anything) and then I realized that actually more things get finished when I have a bunch on the go. It could be that variety thing you mention — needed something that involves a different level of engagement or whatever. But we do seem to come back to things. And maybe if we don’t there is a good reason and we should use the wool for something we will like enough to finish.

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