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Friday, January 7, 2004


Sometime ago, I received this needle sizer as a bonus
for subscribing to VOGUE magazine.

On close inspection, I see that this version has some of the missing mm sizes that are absent from the Bates Knit Chek sizer.

Looking back, I realize that initially I used this when I was making socks and switching between needles. Some smaller size USA marked circular needles from different companies are not the same – what is marked as a #1 Addi and a #1 Inox are not identical when measured in milimeters (hey, milimeters – one L or 2?).

Addi is 2.5 and the Inox is 2.25. AND believe it or NOT that actually makes a world of difference in my stitch tension.


Check out the diameters…

So, in the World of Sock Knitting, that tiny gauge can be tweaked by using needles from other brands.

Here’s another good source for all needles: JKL Needles.

11 responses to “Friday, January 7, 2004”

  1. Meredith says:

    Thanks for the info about needles sizes! I’m hoping to start my first pair of socks soon, and this is great information to have! BTW, do you know if Vogue sells the needle sizer separately?

  2. Cathy says:

    Cool, I thought it was just me! I also find I knit tighter on sticky needles (like my Denise interchangeable) and looser on smooth ones like the Addi turbo. Best to pay attention to the results and ignore suggested needle size totally!

  3. Knittykim says:

    that would be 2 ‘l’s. Millimeter, milliamp, millifrogging (just a small ripping of knitting)

  4. Rita says:

    I received the cutest needle gauge as a gift (it’s a sheep) so thanks for the tip, now I’ll have lots of reason to use it. It never occured to me that manufacturers would actually have different “real” sizes. I like 2.25mm for my socks and it seems a hard size to find. If you want to look at the gauge (which I’ve been seeing in all the knit mags lately)it’s at Thanks for the link to the great needle site. I love your blog and appreciate all the work you do on those tutorial pages. Of course your designs are great too. Happy New Year, Bonne Marie.

  5. Julia says:

    So True. I’ve found the same thing with straights. My clover bamboo US6’s are 4.0mm, while the Plymouth bamboos (made in Japan) are 4.25mm. Material makes a significant guage difference too. I get more sts per inch on addis than on clovers. It’s a good way to tweak if you’re aware of the differences!

  6. jo says:

    I had a tip from my LYS recently about needle sizers — metal ones are better than plastic. That sheep one (which I saw in there and was tempted by) is metal. I’ve got a plastic one but have been thinking about switching.

    If you get a Canadian needle sizer, it will probably have all the mm sizes (that mm is the abbreviation from millimeter avoiding worries about ls) with the US sizes marked where appropriate.

  7. Anna says:

    I was having problems today locating 2.75mm dpns to make socks with. Some places call that a US2, but a US2 for Addis (which I wanted of course) seems to be 2.5…

    I stick to the mm sizes in patterns, less room for crazy needle companies to mess up my knitting! :o)


  8. Catherine says:

    Hey, I have that needle sizer from Vogue too! I never looked at it that closely – thanks! Love JKL Needles too, she’s so nice and ships so quickly.

  9. I love JKL Needles. She’s had a couple of things that other places told me weren’t available at all…Thanks for the tip, I need to pay more attention to the size differences among brands.

  10. Terry says:

    Me too – got one of those sizers many yrs. ago! Save all your old VKs? I have, despite growing lack of space.

    Thanks so much for the useful info on needles and the link to your needle source – hmmm a new source to add to the stash.

    Lastly many thanks from a newer blog reader for all that you write and share.

  11. Julie says:

    Thanks for the heads up! Just the other day, I went to find a 2.5 mm needle for a Canadian pattern I was contemplating only to realize that my needle sizer did not have a hole for a 2.5 mm needle! I thought I was crazy! But like Meredith I’m going to see if there are Vogue needle sizers out there.
    BTW, sorry you didn’t get nominated for BOBlog award-I would have nominated you if I had known earlier-cuz your blog is needles down the best knitting blog I know!

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