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Friday, December 10, 2004

Looming on the dusk horizon like the teeth of the Cheshire Cat
floats my Company Christmas Party.
It is laughing at me…

It mocks me because, as I zoom down the Slalom Slope of Christmas Present, I’ve forgotten it is TONIGHT! I’ve been too busy with the general Bling Ding Ring of preparations and Workshop FUN to pay attention to something very important. LIKE

What the — am I going to WEAR?

I just went through my closet and found NOTHING! My party frocks seem prehistorically lame and dowdy – even my old standbye – that gorgeous Red Shantung Silk Blouse that fits me like a glove is pointing and laughing and shouting LOSER at me because I wore that, ahem, the last time.

I hate my clothes! And right now, there are 10 hrs between me and Cocktails with the Boss and ZIP NADDA nothin’ is coming to mind…

Stores are not helping – even though every Christmas as I shop for others, I REALLY shop for myself – I’ve seen nothing that rings my chimes and makes me dive for my wallet. I don’t want to wear a camisole with a skirt! I was just kidding about that poncho I was going to make! I really want it but it just ain’t gonna happen.

And what about this?


I see this outfit every day from the windows of the #66 at the Ralph Lauren store on Chicago Ave. (OK – the City is named Chicago – why did they name a Street: Chicago?!) It is one of their Party Looks for the Season – a long buckskin skirt with fringe topped by an Aran cabled tube top with long cabled arm warmers WITH (not done yet)

a VERY long WIDE cabled scarf.

All Winter White All the TIme… And is it just me, or does the Mannequin seem a little… COLD? Why oh why do we suddenly need total anatomically temperature correct Plastic Figures on display? It not only annoys the Locals but the Tourists Loud Tittering all the way down the street after they pass is giving me a migraine…

I consulted with several male co-workers (I am the only female in my group) and they ALL voted for BLACK! ANYTHING black… When I asked about Strapless I was met with Guffaws a plenty and someone actually uttered the word PROM, but that was a reporter and he has a big vocabulary! It seems that guys maybe like to see that look on other people’s dates, occasionally, but it really is NOTHING compared to Black Boots and a tight Black Skirt.

The people have spoken…

16 responses to “Friday, December 10, 2004”

  1. Cara says:

    Oh yes. She’s definitely cold.

    I have to agree with your co-workers. You can’t go wrong with black. Ever.

    I wanted, also, to thank you for your blocking tips from yesterday. I’m gettting ready to block a vest and I’m going to try the wet towel trick today! Good luck finding something to wear. I hate that.

  2. Corinne says:

    How about black on the bottom, and Rapunzel on top? She’s a party girl.

  3. Wendy says:

    Black. Every guy I know and have known loves to see a woman in black!

  4. Michelle says:

    Bonne Marie, you kill me. Nothing is worse than having nothing to wear. Also, I laughed because I do believe that I wore a strapless number to my own prom, oh so many years ago. Good luck in the search……I love black, but personally the surprise of some color is always nice too.

  5. Bonne Marie says:

    A SPLASH of color will be provided by a Red Velvet Tank top that is printed with sublte black paisleys…

    It will be discreetly covered by this:

    I have plenty-o-bling to pile on as well…

  6. Becky says:

    I dare you to knit that tank/armwarmers/scarf ensemble. You may get a case of hypothermia but you’ll look smashing!

  7. Maureen says:

    When you wrote that nothing you saw in the stores was appealing — I was thinking of that Ralph Lauren number before I even scrolled down!! Isn’t it the best?!?

    Black with some red and plenty of bling bling sounds like just the ticket for party-time. Too many folks in black with glasses of whiskey in their hands and this Irish Catholic thinks that she’s wandered into a wake!

  8. ines says:

    Absolutely gorgeous – it’s a very exciting and sexy combination! You should buy it!

  9. amanda says:

    yep, she is definitely a bit nippy. i’ve never seen a mannequin so anatomically correct before. nippies or not, the outfit is gorgeous but i’m the kinda’ gal that wears black and more black.

  10. kitty kitty says:

    Go with the Ralph Lauren outfit, it is amazingly cool. Black is overdone in my opinion and I am just so tired of seeing all the black at parties. The last party I went to there was only one woman in a colour and that was myself. So my vote is anything but black, stand out in the croud.

  11. Chelee says:

    My husband votes for black too. With red accents like a silk scarf and definately red,red,red nails.
    Good luck, I’ve got to come up with something for Sat.. You must have caught on to the whole closet full of clothes mock fest, they have been snickering all day!

  12. freecia says:

    Hey, wear what you want. It’s not as if the men are the ones that will be shoved into dresses you’ll fear exhaling and eating in because of tummy pucker. Nor will they be forced into two inch high heels that give you a blister in the first 15 minutes while ramming your toes into a point that a podiatrist would cringe at.
    Lastly, it should at least get you some attention. Hollywood uses bright colored clothing on streets to seperate the star from the milling street crowd. Shouldn’t it work the same for an office party?
    Guess it is a bit too late for us to vote :) But I like BCBG’s dresses. Very colorful and unique.

  13. Leslie says:

    Inquiring minds want to know…so, what did you wear?

  14. Gaile says:

    I was about to ask what Leslie asked…. What DID you end up wearing?

  15. Bonne Marie says:

    I ended up wearing a soft green sheer knitted flare bottom & sleeved tight sweater with a black skirt, black tights, black heeled boots…

  16. Gaile says:

    LOL…thanks for posting (now I can rest)! (just kidding). Sounds like a lovely outfit – I hope you had a great time!

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