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Saturday, December 4, 2004

ChicKnits New Threads Weekend Edition

It is with great excitement, I present to you,
this ravishing RIBBY CARDI!!!

This wonderful sweater was knit by Teresa (from One More Row & Another Latte) from Cascade 220, size 38/39, 6 skeins of beautiful #2401 Burgundy…

Several months ago, I asked for help test knitting the Ribby and the marvelous Teresa stepped up for what I hope she will remember as a FUN HOUSE RIDE! (YEAH! It was kinda scary, but thrilling all the same…)

To Quote Ms. Teresa’s Motto: “In her magic world a knitted garment is not just an article of clothing. It is an organic growth compounded of warmth, love and fun. It’s also intellectually stimulating.” This project tasked this IDEAL to the MAX and I can only say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Teresa!

From beginning to end, Teresa’s insight, patience and skill helped me hurdle the process. The Ribby is a deceptively simple looking garment, but has several subtle things going on. The ribbing change-ups, the proportions, the idea of stretch and fit all gave me fits! Teresa took the Beta version and helped me through a multitude of changes – I think you could say the final is actually a Zeta version :) – and it is with eternal gratitude that I TIP MY NEEDLES towards OHIO; sip some coffee in your HONOR and SHOut into the day: “I am not worthy!”


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