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Wednesday, December 1, 2004

Missy Right Front meets Mr. Left Front

It appears everything I’m making lately is in the Red Zone – a dark burgundy cabled cardi; a cordovan Ribby; a scarlet poncho – WHO has the Christmas Spirit over here in ChicLand? FALAh lala la…

I’ve heard that we use Red & Green at Christmas because the English used to “deck the halls” with boughs of holly – a dark green glossy leafed plant with RED berries. OR, that we use so much RED because of the Coca Cola ads from around the 40’s or thereabouts.

I can’t wear true RED but am quite happy to wear any of her sister colors. I can’t wait to get this burgundy number done – the weather has turned frosty and we even got a few inches of snow last night. I wore my black down vest to work yesterday with a turtleneck and heavy grey wool cardi and it was just right when sealed off with a wool cap and gloves. The Shazam would be even better – it is dense and I’ll bet, almost windproof.

Yesterday, it poured and poured icy rain before it snowed. I threw on a rain Parka (what else?!!!) over the whole thing to work outside and even when I was soaked, I was still warm. While waiting 20 minutes for the #66, I was standing in the rainy wind, dreaming I was on a boat deck somewhere on the North Seas, and realized, YES, it could be done – you could be wet and still untroubled. FREEDOM! WHew… Pass me the Fish & CHips matey…

Yeah, LoTech rules but HiTech amuses!

I’ve been carrying my notes for Shazam around on a ripped piece of paper – just general laziness and chronic lateness. When I got home last night, I pulled out my Palm Pilot and resurrected and searched its apps and VOILA! I found I had a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader on it! My little buddy could carry my notes in style:

Now I’ve got the Bucket Hat right when I need it!

Here’s the Shazam Pattern – no more scrambling in the bag for soggy paper…


Adobe has it for you HERE

It’s a free download. Then, after you install it to your big computer, you just drag and drop all your files onto it’s icon and it makes a list that will transfer the next time you HotSync.

OK – Geeks Who’ve been Doing This for Years – MOCK ME Now!!! :)

13 responses to “Wednesday, December 1, 2004”

  1. Marg says:

    No mockage, girlfrien’…I don’t even *own* a pp!

  2. Teresa says:

    C’s family (her mother, brother and C) have a Friday – evening – after – Thanksgiving tradition of attending the Ebony Fashion Fair Fashion Show.and they were showing lots ‘n lot’s of red this year.

    As always Mz Chick is in step with current fashion trends – Tre’s Chic!

  3. Marlena says:

    I have the bucket pattern, the chickami pattern AND the gigi pattern ALL on my Palm. I was most excited when I discovered I had Acrobat, just for that purpose! Soon to join them will be the Ribby Cardi.

    I also have a program called KnitAble on my PC and my Palm. It rules! I have measurements of everyone I knit for, planned projects with yarn requirements and gauge, all needle sizes I own, all yarn I own, all books I own etc., in my wee Zire 72. I highly recommend it. No more standing in the yarn store wondering if that fab merino on sale is going to work for that cabled turtleneck on my project wishlist. Sadly, the HandAble website is not working at this time, but you can check it out (eventually) at

  4. Teresa says:

    Sorry for the first post – not sure what I did.
    I meant to write:

    C’s family (her mother, brother and C) have a Friday – evening – after – Thanksgiving tradition of attending the Ebony Fashion Fair Fashion Show. Now that I’m part of the family C’s Momma takes me too! (Usually I’m the only white face there!)

    This year they were showing lots ‘n lot’s of red – from accents to stunning totally red evening gowns.

    As always Mz Chick is in step with current fashion trends – Tre’s Chic!

  5. Jean says:

    The cables are gorgeous and thanks for making me want a Palm Pilot even more than I did before! lol.

  6. rachelkates says:

    Oh yeah, I threw out scraps of paper, Post It Notes & envelopes containing addresses, phone numbers, birthdays, appts, & reminders after I got my PP.

    Humming along, feeling quite organized until there was a mutiny — the fully charged PP refused to turn on. Recharging didn’t help. One day it came back to life, but all the data was gone. I’ve never had the heart to rely on it again. Sync often.

  7. Trope says:

    Ooo! Ooo! Ooo! Thanks for pointing that out to those of us who are similarly techno-challenged! I’m transferring my files right now!
    Rachelkates is correct, though–sync often.

  8. Dani says:

    I’ve been wanting a PDA for years, simply because I like cool gadgets. Now, I have a practical reason to beg my husband for one!

  9. Jessica says:

    Cool. Thanks. I just downloaded it to my really old, feeble Visor.

  10. Cara says:

    Loving the cable cardi! Is that your own pattern? I’ve got a ton of stash and a cable cardigan is perfect! Love the red too – a nice claret is perfect for cold winter days.

  11. Linda B. says:

    OK, now that’s two things I want. A digital camera, AND a PDA. I’ve admired your photos, and have seen your camera in your pics taken in the mirror, but can’t tell what type of camera it it’s a ?

  12. Silvia says:

    Woo baby, how can you bend your arms with all those layers?!

  13. Gaile says:

    …no cell, no pp – I carry a planner with everything in it (and quarters for the phone). I feel stuck in the dark ages, so I won’t be mocking you!

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