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Monday, March 30, 2009

  Monday Morning Mirth  

As if one’s tax return wasn’t proof positive the World’s gone mad,
HAREM PANTS have made a flash return to the Springtime Runway!
Now I’ve been around long enough to have seen this before and intend to say the very same thing to this trend I said the last time: “Can’t touch this!”
How about you? Here’s what the malls are now starting to serve all about town…

Pick Your Spring Fashion Trend 2009
Harem Pants
the Color PEACH!
Acid Wash Anything
Retro Ruffles
Animal Prints
Neon Brights
Sheer Fabrics
White Dresses
Boyfriend Blazers / Boyfriend Jeans
Robert Pattinson
Free polls from

14 responses to “Monday, March 30, 2009”

  1. Michele says:

    How about ‘none of the above’……

  2. Debi says:

    Proof that even the 80’s “shall rise again”!!!

  3. Nanc says:

    What’ worse (relatively) is that I saw stirrup pants at a store the other day! Ack! Run away!

  4. Renee says:

    The 80’s were bad enough the first time, but with all the overweight folks we have now – I just can’t imagine!

  5. Jasmin says:

    I loved the 80’s. I wonder if the fanny pack will make a comeback!

  6. Ruth Kahn says:

    In this economy why would anyone spend money on something that will not be fashionable for more than a few months. This is the time to buy classics.

  7. Joyce in Chicago says:

    If the cut were toned down some, these pants would be fantastic. Back in the day I had some HammerPants that were actually flattering. Hey, stop sniggering–it’s true!

    Not so billowy, with a wider leg opening. And the crotch was in the typical western-style pants place, as opposed to around the knees. I wore them until they fell apart, and I wish I could find another pair!

  8. meg says:

    OMG. The economy isn’t the only thing that’s in the tank! Counting the ways the world is circling the bowl . . .

  9. Stephany says:

    LOL. I once read in a magazine that harem pants would NEVER come back…so much for that! As for the spring fashion trends, I’ll definitely take a pair of acid washed boyfriend jeans, a sheer peach blouse with retro ruffles and an animal-print jacket. Yep, that’s me.

  10. Hissy Stitch says:

    Ecchhh! All that width exactly where we DON’T want it!

  11. angela says:

    Um, I made several pairs of harem pants–my faves were in madras plaid–and wore them all the timein the late 80s. I loved them then but I think I can pass this time.

  12. Nanette says:

    Harem pants? In a light, drapey fabric they can look good–sans the knee-length crotch of course. I loved acid wash jeans. Might even still have a pair although it would be a miracle if they fit.

  13. Seanna Lea says:

    Wow. I think I’ve been living under a rock, because I don’t know what most of these mean (though I do remember harem pants, and didn’t wear them the first time around either).

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