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Tuesday, April 20, 2004

just a beautiful day in the neighborhood…


Everday, sometimes several times a day, I’m stuck at the traffic light at Michigan Ave at Ontario, heading out to the expressways. This could be as easy as a 30 second pass through or an excruciating 5 light extravaganza.

To the left of me, Burberry’s. To the right of me, Coach.


How lucky am I that I am obsessed with Fuschia and Pink. Red & Fuschia. Pink & Kiwi!


AND, I cannot find any local Fuschia summer yarn. Imagine, if you will, the challenge of HAVING to GO repeatedly to the LYSs and search for something that seems not to have made it to the shelves. (Oh poor little me…)

MY FANTASY: LYS owners would have a regular subscription to Vogue, WWD, Harper’s, etc. and would be in touch with what is OUT THERE being offered to us on the racks. Or, better yet, read the Pantone Color Forecast like EVERYBODY ELSE in fashion.

Knitting is fashion.

Fashion is style.

Style is time relevant…

Is it insane to want to look like This Year’s Model, wearing this year’s colors?Why do I want to buy and knit with yarn that is reflective of some other time frame, some other universe ;p

I need Fuschia!

One doesn’t have to bust a move and haunt the runways to get a clue; I just received a catalog from Herrschners, their craft edition. With all the wonky, self-proclaimed luscious, acrylic, fantastique plastique!

Over on page 66 & 67 is listings for the new TLC Cotton Plus (that Mariko’s knitting with) and Lily Elite Cotton.

Both have up to the minute color offerings like Tangerine and Fuchsia. Hmmm, might be a good way to try some COLOR LOVE (without breaking the bank).

one or two for the road…

Adam Polselli: Everything Design

Michigan Ave. Tulips

…all photos

13 responses to “Tuesday, April 20, 2004”

  1. Sarah says:

    I’m with you on the fuchsia. Wound up looking north of the border…got a nice package of Amazon Cotton DK in fuchsia from Yard Forward. Its going to be a nice summer frock from last summer’s knitty and cheap cheap cheap!

    PS My LYS has nothing to do with fashion. AT ALL.

  2. julie says:

    fyi – at least some of us working in a LYS are TRYING to get fuschia yarn – we are always joking that the yarn companies will have what’s hot now – NEXT YEAR. you’d think if they were in the business, they’d send someone to a European fashion show – or at least look in a magazine. but they apparently don’t.

    we’ve ordered all the hot pink, pale pink, purpley pink, pink yarn we could find – we’ve gotten some of it – but it goes fast and there just haven’t been many choices to order it from.

    grrrrrrr . . .

    love your site!

  3. Becky says:

    Those Coach bags are SMART. But I think I like the Burberry’s red and fuchsia better. What IS it about that combo that gets to me? So sharp.

    There’s an abundance of Aviso and Coton Microfibres in fuschia at Phildar. Coton Microfibres is a small gauge, but still very pretty…

  4. Krista Jo says:

    I dunno if TLC and Lily Elite are offering up-to-the-minute colours, or if they’re just holdovers from the ’80s! But I know what you mean about colour. I gave up and am knitting a black cardigan, because I also had trouble finding in-style colours at the yarn store last week.

  5. Jenn says:

    Bonne Marie! I just saw the spring colours of Lorna’s Laces and they are so gorgeous. I thought I would tell you to check them out if you haven’t already! Uptown and Lakeview are so perfect for Chicago this spring!

  6. Eklectika says:

    Holy crap – I made that graphic (for the Pantone colors)! It’s ok – they referenced the site it came from, which is what I made it for! LOL…

    Yeah, it’s fun to have the “in” on that stuff… :-)

  7. Tracey says:

    Oh I couldn’t agree more with you B-Marie.

    I would much rather support a local business than buy from the net, but I find myself dot-coming more and more just to up my stash. I had a discussion with the LYS owner a few weeks back about their two-years ago color selection. She told me it is soooo hard to get yarn right now because of the knitting boom. She ordered yarn at Christmas and it still hasn’t come in. It is so very frustrating, perhaps one day they will catch up with NY, Paris, and Milan.

    Until then, there is always Kool-Aid……

  8. Melissa says:

    I fondled the Coach bag yesterday at Nordstroms! The fuschia is so fabulous! I am working on a sewed version using those same colors as I am not gonna pay that price it carried. May favorite of tthis entire big name bag designers bags… If you find the fuschia yarn PLMK, as I gotta have a BUP to match my new bag.

  9. sara says:

    I hear you. The color sloths kill me, especially since I know what to look for. I’m in interior design at uni, and I get to look at the forecast books. I swear the LYS gets them and purposely avoids them. Or, they put them on sale in only enough quantity to tempt… They had Tahiki Capri tape in kiwi green and gold and bright orange, but only a couple of each. Le sigh :-p I did get some fuschia egyptian cotton, but only enough for a couple of bucket hats (on ebay). Sending fuschia yarn vibes to Chicago…

  10. Caryn Lantz says:

    As a pink/fuschia girl myself (even my eye glasses are pink), I am always in a constant hunt for the pink. I’m getting my fuschia fix right now with some Dale Svale in Fuschia. I’m using it to make White Lies Designs “Shapely Tank”. Its a fab summer weight, and it might meet you penchant for pink!

  11. Cyndilou says:

    Yay fuchsia, my favorite color of all time. As a note, Mission Falls 1824 wool has a wonderful shade of fuchsia, as does Berocco Cotton Twist. For the etymologists out there, it is indeed fuchsia (not fuschia, which is a common misspelling) after the flowering plant of the same name discovered by a man named Fuchs (fyoosh). :)

  12. Rob says:

    I gotta second Julie on that one–we’ve ordered and ordered in the pink/orange range (back into fall, when we first saw spring/summer yarns with reps) and they’ve been S-L-O-W to arrive…how I hate KFI….). In Cascade 220, I get oogles of their pinks, they fly out the door, and when I reorder, they are backordered!!!!!

    On the subject of color forecasts, I’ve seen them in publications from Interweave (Handwoven, to be specific) and they were SO FAR OFF for this spring when they announced it last Fall, and the one for fall 2004 that was in a recent issue…God help us if they’re on target.

  13. Bonne Marie says:

    C’est ce qui n’est pas il INTERWEAVE? Why not go right to the Pantone site and read what their fashion color report is?

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