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Friday, October 28, 2004

New Threads Friday


la Fleur de Fluffa
Design: Rebecca Nr. 27- Design #25
Yarn: Rowan All Seasons
Color: Dusky #164
Gauge: 18sts/24 rows over 4″
Needles: #8
Type: Hand Knit


to All the Girls Who’ve Gone Before

there was/is a virtual Knitalong Goin’ On

la Fleur Herself: Becky




Jill: aka the RESTLESS Knitter






25 responses to “Friday, October 28, 2004”

  1. rachelkates says:

    Wow, you’ve outdone even yourself! Most impressive.

  2. oh my! I’m speechless–it’s so gorgeous and architectural…brava!!

  3. Ang. says:

    Gorgeous! Very sleek and sophisticated.

  4. Toby Wollin says:

    What I want to know is — How DO you do this? You work. You have the same stuff that the rest of us have to accomplish in our daily lives, like eating, sleeping, using the toilet, etc. And somehow, you manage to churn out all of this gorgeous stuff, keep your amazing sense of humor, take the digital pix, and on and on and on. Or, are you like the guy in “The Shoemaker and the Elves” and have these little naked guys whacking this out for you in the dark of night, so that you can get some zzz’s?? I think I’m ready to lay claim to the niche for “slugs” at the bottom of the knitters’ food chain because I have only three projects going at a time and find it difficult to finish ANY of them. My only luck is that the people I’m doing these for have finished growing and won’t have outgrown them by the time I’ve finished them.

  5. Jennifer says:

    Absoulutly gorgeous….

    *runs off to see if Rebecca #27 came out in English or only auf Deutsche*

  6. claudia says:

    I’m super enjoying the flashing BoSox logo. I’ll be rooting for the Cubbies next year.

    That sweater looks great on you. I am *so* knitting this one come spring.

  7. Wendy says:

    It is abso-fricking-lutely gorgeous!

  8. babette says:

    you did it, way to go, i know how much grief this pattern has cost me, so i’m always impressed when someone finishes this rebecca cardi! good work!

  9. Teresa says:

    Bravo! Another awesome sweater Bonne Marie!
    Fits you beautifully. Love the lines.

  10. froggy says:

    gorgeous! love it in black, love the buttons and your placement of them and love the shirt that accompanies it (and not just saying that because it looks like the same one i have worn with mine, lol). think you get the picture, i love everything about it.

    and definitely have to chime in on previous comment. how do you have time to be soooo fabulous! but i guess you don’t have to make time when you just are.

  11. valentina says:

    Hm. I’d say yours looks better than the magazine version.

  12. Becky says:

    Day-UM look at that stylin’ chica in her smashing cardi! So crisp and professional. I bow to your finishing skills!

  13. Bonne Marie says:

    OMG, Froggie! It is the same shirt! It begs to be worn with this sweater.

    AND, you didn’t even notice my new picture (I bow to you) on the right column – that’s me frogging a sweater piece using my ball winder…

    As for getting things done: 1. No kids; 2. Commute on bus means I can knit to and fro; 3. Enjoys watching bad TV but feels guilty just sitting there; 4. It is my only vice – gave up the martinis and ciggies awhile back…

    BTW ;) this sweater has been on the needles since February – ie. not too swift of a finish.

  14. monica says:

    It’s gawgeous!!!! I wanna knit it now!

  15. jackie says:

    That’s just freakin’ beautiful. Between you and Becky, I’m so jealous of that sweater now but I have no time to add that to the list!

  16. hillary says:

    it’s beautiful.. I love it! and a Rebecca pattern – you’re so talented!

  17. Emma says:

    Beautiful ! Gorgeous ! Just stunning ! I love it in black.

  18. wow, it looks great. so crisp, great colour, amazing on the details…beautiful!

  19. Marta says:

    Beautiful! I knitted it, too.

  20. Kara says:

    Wow! Okay, it’s official: you are the knitter that I want to be when I grow up :)

    Bonne Marie … thanks once again for inspiring this newbie and showing her what gorgeous possibilites await if I just keep at this knitting thing.

    Off to check the other fluffas :)

  21. Silvia says:

    How I adore the Fleur! You win, I’d pull all the Snickers out of my Halloween stash and give them to you to honor such a beautiful creation.

  22. Anna says:

    You are one stylin’ knitter!
    Looks great on you and I love it in the black.
    (Also like those cute little buttons.)

  23. froggy says:

    your right column pic is great! you make everything look so fun! that’s the way to do it! love that photo!

  24. elisabeth says:

    Late to the party because my browser did not reload your page!! LOVE IT!! Secret confession now Revealed: I bought this pattern book to be a Becky Wanna Be (again) Now I wanna be a Bonn Marie Wanna Be!! Or both. Is that possible?

  25. Sonja says:

    It’s beautiful in black. I had no idea I was in such good company knitting this. I’m halfway through the last piece and hope I’m done with rip-backs!

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