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Thursday, March 12, 2009


mo’ better weather, mo’ better knitting…

More exciting than being in the audience at a Joaquin Phoenix concert: SPRING Knitting! This combo of bamboo needles and cotton blend yarn is sailing right along. I’m “up” to the underarms and have taken the sleeves off for a time-out while I knit the body of my Sandrine pulli.

I like to use scrap yarn to hold stitches for later. It makes for a flexible and cheap way to have a larger (or smaller) area out of the way while you work on the rest. It easily folds over around under the other parts of the garment. AND there’s something quite satisfying about ignoring all those stitches for awhile because, if you like knitting from the top-down, you know that the stitch count at the underarm can be awesome.

I found myself knitting faster and faster to this mid-finish point, even though my rows were still getting longer and longer, knowing I’d be able to give a ton of those puppies a rest.


Even though we’re almost to St. Patrick’s Day, even though I’ve spotted lots of 3″ high daffodil leaves peaking through the leaves, we’ve gone BRISK again in the air temps here, but by the time it’s time to abandon all parkas, I just might have a new pullover to celebrate! More closet cleaning going on — it seems to just turn into sport at some point — and lots of sweaters that have been sitting in a pile for awhile are being washed and freshened, just waiting for more sunny days.

My hands are getting to that annual point where they ONLY want to touch non-wools. I’m looking for some more cotton blends — a couple of folks have written that the BREEZE yarn has been discontinued (!) so there’s gotta be something out there like it. Anybody have cotton favorites? I’m looking for a light, good-wearing, behaving, DK for hmmm, maybe a little vestage…

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3 responses to “Thursday, March 12, 2009”

  1. Jayme says:

    How about Lorna’s Laces Pearl? There’s no cotton in it but it would be luscious and non wooly.

  2. Renee says:

    I’m more than ready for spring weather and spring knitting too.

  3. 2BKnitting says:

    Love what you are working on. I’m also looking forward to knitting a non-wool project. Can’t wait to see what your final project when it’s done.

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