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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Left Front and one Sleeve of Tweedy Bird…

To get an idea of how my sleeve work is coming on this Fusion (hand & machine knit) Cardigan, I pinned the sleeve to the armhole. Checking the curve fit early on saves me much PAIN later, I’ve found. Now I can go on to the next sleeve with my cap recipe and wail…

I’ve been machine knitting a piece here and there when I find time on the weekends – for some reason, this isn’t something I found I like to do when I get home after my *day job*. I have the same feeling about finishing work – unless I have an uninterrupted session, it’s all bets off…

For the neckline on Tweedy – I’m making a Loop Stitch Collar using the stitch pattern as shown in this August 20th entry. This pattern was found in an old Mon Tricot stitch dictionary and has HAPPILY popped up all over the place – if you go down a couple entries you see it on a Jaeger Sweater – that the lovely and talented Michelle from our KIP group just finished this week!

It is so beautiful my eyes popped! The yarn is very warm and toasty but LIGHT! YUM – and VA VA VOOOOOM Michelle – it is fabulous…

My sweater, although similar, is a smaller gauge and the yarn (a cotton/acrylic blend) makes it much more bi-seasonal. But now, I’m want’n to make the Big Loop Version myself. It reminds me of all the fur trimmed suede coats I’ve seen DOWNTOWN…

Dirty Little Secret: IMHO, digital camera work will never be as sharp and focused as analog… Witness the above photo – no matter what I did, it looks oof and a little wiggly. LoRez and repeating patterns put this format into a TAILSPIN…

4 responses to “Wednesday, October 13, 2004”

  1. Julie says:

    Your sweater is coming along just swimmingly. I’m delighted to see how the Cottrica yarn appears off the skein because I had bought some of that for myself a while back, too. I intended to use it only for a scarf or two, but methinks another yarn purchase may be in order to upsize those scarves to sweaters.

  2. Michelle says:

    Bonne Marie, you just made my day!! A girl in the office christened the sweater as my “Sexy Mama” jacket. It is so soft and like a cloud when worn. That archive you referred to is the place where I first saw it. So you are the original Muse and fully responsible for its creation. I got the yarn on ebay at a spectacular price from Jannette at the ebay store “4 to 4”. She is a dream to deal with. And again, as I can’t say it enough, THANK-YOU for establishing KIP and for all your crystal-clear instruction and tips. What you give of yourself daily is simply amazing! The knitting fairy with WINGS!!
    Take Care,

  3. Donna says:

    I’ve been watching to check out the Cottrica, too! I got some from Elann for a Pure and Simple Neck Down Pullover.
    How are you liking the yarn?

  4. Bonne Marie says:

    I like the Cottrica – it’s a full bodied fabric when knitted up – I’m knitting at an Aran gauge of 1824.

    It is not stretchy when made up – a firm, and I hope, heavy duty fabric results. I’m planning on wearing my *sweater* as an outside jacket.

    You naughty girl, Michelle guess where I’m surfing right after I write this…

    I can picture myself wearing that coat!

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