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Thursday, September 30, 2004

unblocked front pieces of a Ribby Cardi

Knitting on the #66 is always a challenge
(and somtimes a spectacle).

Spy the little knitted pieces above and the unkowing, unknitting eye would see…


Lately, my new Bus Mate has been a test Ribby Cardi; so far, the fronts, and 1.75 sleeves are done.

Last night on my way home from work, a fellow passenger took more than a passing interest in my work. His Happy Hour, I believe, had been going on since maybe Lunch and now it was Dinnertime, and like millions of inebrieated folk who’ve gone before, it was time to SING! About my SCARF!

SO, standing in front of my seat, he sort of sang over me, “K1P2”, over and over…

(YES! The universal Mantra of Knitting is KNOWN and revered, in every Urban NOOK & Cranny on the GLOBE! I can just SEE it in my mind’s eye – after every CUB VICTORY, in every tavern in the City, the mugs held high, the crowd swaying back and forth, singing softly, K1P2, K1P2…)

Did this have the intended effect on me (which I assume was to enable me to relax and provide a metronome like cadence so I could knit the *Scarf* faster…)?

Well, no… IT DIDN’T!

Because I’d reached my breaking point on the concept of ye olde *K1P2*!

Where the heck have you ever SEEN this combination worked on a sweater!?~

K2P2, maybe. The Ribby above is 2x2x3x1 ribbing.

But, K1P2? Please enlighten me and HELP ME get back on the bus today…

17 responses to “Thursday, September 30, 2004”

  1. Marlena says:

    AMEN! I can guarantee, every time I pick my knitting up in public, someone will say this to me. Perhaps they are trying to impress me with their vast knitting knowledge?

    The icing on the cake though was when someone said to me, “Oh, you crochet? I do, too!”
    I replied, “I’m not crocheting, I’m knitting.”
    Her response, “Oh, well. It’s the same thing anyway.”

  2. Erica says:

    If you’re wondering the origins of the K1P2 reference, you’ll have to blame the Flintstones. Everytime Wilma was knitting, she’d be repeating K1P2.

    Unfortunately for me, my husband is one of the people who find repeating that while I knit very amusing.

  3. Bonne Marie says:


    And yes, everyone who sings the Mantra is really pleased with themselves when they do it! Like some kind of blissful happiness has taken over their brain and they cannot STOP!

    AHHHH! The POWER of Knitting…

  4. Samina says:

    I’d eventually have stabbed him with a needle.

  5. maryse says:

    haha good old wilma…now i remember. i’ve wondered where that came from too.

  6. margene says:

    I’m excited that the ribby cardi will soon be ours!

  7. annmarie says:

    Knit One, Purl Two is a Glenn Miller song! And I’ve often wondered if there were many patterns with that combination, or if it was just a handy songwriting device.

  8. Laurie says:

    It is always a man who says that. I can’t tell you how many of them would come into the shop and walk up to the counter and say that with a happy little grin on their face.

    I knew it was probably from a cartoon.

  9. Holly says:

    Too funny! I’ve often wondered myself where in the world it came from, because I have never seen it in a pattern. I just assumed my knitting hadn’t been ‘complicated’ enough or I hadn’t done enough different projects to have ever run across the K1P2 combo. I too have had someone say “oh, I crochet too”, or “I used to crochet” or “My mother crochets too”….. LOL The response to “I crochet too” that always runs through my head (as I bite my tongue – hard) is usually something along the lines of “Well not very well apparently if you think this is crocheting!”

  10. mimsical says:

    *lol* I’ve never heard “K1P2” from anyone, but I do get “I crochet too” all the time!!! I just smile sweetly and explain that crochetting is one hook and knitting is 2 or more needles, and no hooks. I was doing cross stitch in Middle School (yes, Middle School) and another kid asked me why I was sewing on a paper towel *lol*


  11. Cher says:

    Knitter’s Magazine had a cute summer tank a couple of years ago that featured this very texture pattern (because the author, like you, had never actually seen it used)!

  12. Traceyleezle says:

    Ughhhh! WHY do people do that. I really hate the thing about crocheting. I may need to see my dentist soon from all the teeth gritting and grinding and tongue biting I do.

    I’m going to have a t-shirt made up that says, “WARNING! Comparing my knitting to crocheting can be hazardous to your health.”

  13. melissa says:

    I think its older than Wilma – I’m pretty sure (memory fails sometimes, though) in the last Anne of Green Gables book – Rilla of Ingleside, Rilla is knitting socks for the war effort, and mumbles knit1 , purl 2. I remember thinking that was an odd sock ribbing…

  14. Jeanne says:

    “… sewing on a paper towel”?! That’s priceless! At least this kid was asking an honest question, rather than that smug, nobody-asked-me-for-my-opinion-but-that’s-never-stopped-me-yet kind of comment that we’ve all been subjected to. What was mine? I was knitting in the lobby of a very nice hotel, waiting for my sister so we could go to dinner, when this pompous, red-faced blowhard stepped right up to me (thanks for invading my personal space, you CLOD) and said, “Who’s winning – the knitting or the purling?” WTF??? And because I was in a place that would back me up, I was able to respond with, “Go away before I call Security.”

  15. mimsical says:

    YAY Jeanne! Kick ass! That’s the kind of thing I would WANT to say, but never would. Go you!!

  16. Dani says:

    I get the crochet comment a lot, too, but I usually ignore it. The people who thought I was crocheting today will see me with an actual crochet project tomorrow because I alternate my projects to avoid boredom. Then I’ll be more than happy to explain the difference to them :-).

  17. Toby Wollin says:

    Yep — you’ve gotta love these people. My best comes from sitting in a school hallway, waiting for my daughter to finish up her audition for a musical competition. This woman dragged her little one (looked about 4 or 5 years old) over to me so that she could demonstrated her knowledge. I was working on a three-color Scandianavian pullover for my DH, so I looked really busy there, with red, black, and white balls of yarn in my lap. The woman says, with great glee, “See, honey — she’s weaving!!” and then wandered away. The little girl came over later and asked me if I could show her how to weave — I had to tell her that I couldn’t show her how to weave, but if she wanted to learn how to do what I was doing, I’d show her how to knit! She stayed with me (and no, we did NOT do k1p2)for a good 15 min. — where the mother had gone off to is beyond me (we won’t even discuss what might have happened if the kid had latched onto some other sort of person).

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