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Friday, April 16, 2004

one and three-quarters measure of sock goodness…

The Sock Love Returns, at any and all waiting moments of my life!

The heart grew cold for awhile and my 2003 Sock Bender ground to a halt when I started these socks. This was the first sock yarn I ever purchased and it is, well, sort of uninspiring. Since I’m really TRYING to finish what I start, I just made myself carry this along with me until the MUSE aguil.gif
wacked me upside the head on the #66 the other day.

Like Joan of Arcadia, I was staring into the face of the Art School Boy sitting next to me, searching for meaning. This, and I do mean looking up and finding a face in yours, is SO easy to do on the BUS. Given the bulk of our wardrobe most times of the year, (WHWAT, spring and summer are a SEASON?) we are crammed together like little NEMOs seeking warmth and forgive me, yes, we do sit very close together on the BUS. Forgive me (no offense intended so it’s really unlucky to flame me!) when I reveal that occasionally on really cold days, I actually seek out LARGE FOLK to sit in between – this usually happens on a 3-seater, with the others facing outwards.

AHEM, the Holiness of the Occasion ocurred when the Art School Boy revealed his CRUSH on my sock. He went ON & ON about the beauty of said object – YES! the sock I thought was B-O-R-I-N-G he thought was Beautiful. He called me an ARTIST three times in a row and just like that – the genie was OUT of the Bottle – and, once again, beautiful the sock became!

Now, I am knitting it at any pause in the day I find. I still don’t like it very much, but if I finish it, I can go on to a more Lovely Pair waiting in the ANGEL Wings…

15 responses to “Friday, April 16, 2004”

  1. Theresa says:

    oh my goodness — we are both in sock karma mode today — and Opal sock karma mode, specifically. We are both even in about the same place on our second socks.

    Good continued sock vibes to you! Maybe we’ll both have new socks at the end of the weekend.

  2. Vaire says:

    Well, I must agree with the boy, the socks _are_ beautiful. My first thought when I saw the socks was: “How can I get this yarn?” The patterning reminds me of birch tree bark. Beautiful. :)

  3. Beth S. says:

    Can you overdye the finished socks, like you did way back during the Sock Bender? I loved the way those socks turned out.

  4. fillyjonk says:

    I also think they are quite beautiful, but then browns are my “thing”.

    and you know, were they the right size, I’d be sorely tempted to finish the socks, and carry them with me on the bus every day until the art-school fellow showed up again, and present the socks to him. Simply because he admired him and simply for the joy (hopefully) of seeing another person respond positively to a gift.

  5. Stine says:

    Nice sox! They make me think of the setting sun on water. Mostly dark, but as the water moves, little bits of blue sky and sun glinting off the water. What brand of yarn is it and what is the name or number of the color? Nice job.


  6. Elizabeth says:

    Well, I agree with fillyjonk, though I can’t say my motives are as pure. Mmm, hot art-school boys… I do think they’re lovely, though I know what it’s like to work a project you don’t have your heart in. Hopefully this will pique your interest in creating some unusual sock patterns?

  7. rachel kates says:

    Ahhhh, my Sock Love has returned as well. This morning I started turning the heel of the little brown socks I cast on @ last week’s Chicknits KIP. Koigu, shades of chocolate or coffee. Such nice wool that it even has a little glimmer.

    I too would give those new socks of yours to Art School Boy. Set his heart aflutter. Keep it a little secret that your artistic creation is entitled “Spring Crush 2004.”

  8. Crystal says:

    I too would like to know what kind of yarn that is. I would like to make socks out of it. Also, when you make socks what size needle do you use?

    I made a pair that had similar patterning but a different colorway. I think they look cool, but they are uncomfortable to wear because I can feel the bottom of the sock… hmm that sounds wrong but I mean it’s like I am standing on a piece of wire mesh.

    Is it that I used a size 3 needle or did I make them too big (I have wide but skinny feet but really high arches so they look just huge but really aren’t), or too small (I don’t think so as the socks are not really tight at all, they aren’t falling off but I wouldn’t even call them snug.)

    I want to make another pair of socks but I am unsure of what I did wrong. I can’t even really use these (except as bed socks). Please help. Oh yea.. I used Regia stretch 4 ply sock wool.

    Thanks, Crystal

  9. Laurie says:

    Well I love them but then they are brown and blue and I’ve had some kind of abnormal obsession with brown and blue colorways lately. It’s a town not far from Shrekville.

    I too would like to know the yarn so I can add these to my sock stash.

  10. Cinnamon says:

    Crystal, I have sensitive tootsies, too. When I make socks, I make the bottom of the sock so that it is purls on the outside and knit on the inside. Requires a little more concentration than typical, but it keeps my heels happy. I just pulled out last winters sock yarn stash and can’t wait to start on them. Socks are such the perfect warm weather project. All the joy, but none of the sweaty laps.

  11. Cruz says:

    You are an artist and the socks are beautiful. Your bus stories make me want to live somewhere other than LA. Somewhere that people actually talk with each other!

  12. Crystal says:

    Thanks Cinnamon! That’s a great idea!

  13. vivian says:

    Those socks are great! My favorite colorway is also brown and blue. I would also love to know which yarn you used. Vivian

  14. Bonne Marie says:

    Wow! Thanks for all the kind words!

    This is colourway #42 by Opal. I think it is probably discontinued but available here and there at LYS or shows…

  15. Marg says:

    But you are, dear heart, an artist(e)!

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