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Monday, February 2, 2009

  Monday Morning Mirth  

Cabin Fever: Boredom, restlessness, or irritability that results from a lack of environmental stimulation, as from a prolonged stay in a confined indoor area.

This January in Chicago was one of the coldest on record –– and we all know, Cold Weather = Couch Potato and/or Wall Climber.

What do you do to beat the four walls?

9 responses to “Monday, February 2, 2009”

  1. Susan says:

    Started my day with a smile. What a great video!

  2. Laura K says:

    That video makes a great case for Baby Swiffers!

  3. really nice work! Like it very much and I will put a link on to my blog.

  4. Seanna Lea says:

    Wow. That video just makes me feel tired!

    I was ecstatic that this weekend was warm enough to go out in my area without being bundled to the nines. I got a lot of walking and running in, which helped keep me sane (my current knitting is quite dull and won’t prevent the creeping fever from overwhelming me)!

  5. sarah says:

    i am so glad i found your blog…i would love to put a button on my blog but i can’t seem to get them to want to work…any advice…by the way…i would love spring to come too! thank you for the great site! sarah

  6. Renee says:

    What a cutie pie! This is much what my son was like at 9 months old. :)l
    Me? Knit, read, sew, clean the house and dig into the backs of the closets to see what’s hiding and interesting back there… and usually bake a cake or cookies.
    My teenagers just want tv, telehpone, internet and their ipods. lol

  7. sue says:

    I shovel snow! It provides exercise and I feel like I’m beating back Old Man Winter when I keep my driveway clear.

    And I go to exercise class when it isn’t snowing.

    A veralux (daylight spectrum) light helps the lack of sunlight too.

  8. Karen says:

    That is too cute! Oh for that amount of energy!

  9. Tracey says:

    Oh that was wonderful! I really need to baby proof our living room so that Finny can just have full run of the place like that.

    Cabin Fever is hard to have when you have a little boy who is now crawling and teething. Wheee!

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