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Wednesday, January 21 2009

To say that there’s been a Change would be the understatement of our new century.

But today, in Chicago, as a citizen and dreamer, I see it almost everywhere I look. It’s one of those rare moments where simple JOY is on most faces, where everyone’s been given a gift and is passing it along. Finally, some kind of homegrown bail out for the Little Guy, you and me, and with it an invitation to bring it and grow it and make it our own.

Chicago is called the City of Big Shoulders for good reason. We work hard, play hard, sometimes live too hard.

And this year, at this time, we are true to form and is it just me or do people seem Taller, Friendlier, Happier, aware that even in these days of turmoil and challenge, it really does come down to you and me together.

Indeed, there is a New Guy in D.C. He’s from Chicago, and yeah, we’re a little proud of him! (Photo by mojosmom/Flickr).

Over the course of the last year, I’ve been behind (and in front) of the scenes as a photojournalist, both campaign and post-election and the buzz? It’s well-deserved, earned and true. I witnessed the daily briefings at the local hotels, the unvielings of the team and their focus and if I was king of the world, I would’ve put every word spoken up on the web for all of us to see and hear.

Why? Because, regardless of where you stood in November, today, in January, we are now the People. And We, the People, have elected one of the most thoughtful, modern and motivated teams in memory.

Needless to say, I’m pumped! And I hope you are too!

6 responses to “Wednesday, January 21 2009”

  1. patty says:

    Bonne Marie — As a fellow-Chicagoan (okay, I admit it — I live in the suburbs…) I’m feeling it too! I, along with many of my family and friends, volunteered for Obama because we believed in him and knew change was desperately needed. And it has been sweet to see that others felt the same. We were down at Grant Park on election night and were there in spirit yesterday. It is a relief to have leadership we can respect again!

  2. Jacquie says:

    The whole world watched and celebrated yesterday with our American brothers, sisters and friends. Here in Canada, I was at work, but we had the TV on and were able to watch the inauguration ceremonies. I was overwhelmed with emotion and so impressed with your new President, and with what this means for the US and for the world (not to mention Michelle’s stunning outfit- and what that says about the direction of the new administration). Later, as I arrived home from work, I felt the joy and especially relief, that the the US now has such a gifted leader. The whole world has hope now, not just the US. It is huge that Americans have moved forward and chosen this man to lead and govern, and in so doing, chosen to move toward a new, positive future. It’s a blissful moment in world history. and I’m thrilled!

  3. Patty says:

    Hey where can I get one of those prints? :-) (Signed of course!) Thanks for the great post.

  4. Bonne Marie says:

    You can make your own groovy poster over at Paste Magazine with the picture and caption of your choice!

  5. Wanda says:

    I’m definitely pumped for the New Year and a new era of change.

  6. Orli says:

    how did you do that image?

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