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Monday, December 29, 2008

  Monday Morning Mirth  

2008, you made our head SPIN…

Politics & Fashion
- Pantsuits
- $150,000 of WTF?
- Rodriguiez

Big Box High Fashion
- visiting designers hit Target, etc (look for Alexander McQeen in April, Norma Kamali @Kmart)

- Fashionistas – I love me some GoodWill!
- Gossip Girls – Let Them Eat Cake/DIY

More is, well stupid
- Skyscraper Heels

Green Green Green
My favorite color now the buzzword of PC consumerism! It’s Everywhere, Eco-Friendly! In so many products, it’s probably, Nowhere…

Give me some Men who are Fashion-hearted Men
- Patrick James (Simon Baker) yowzaa
- Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick)
- Bond, James Bond (Daniel Craig)

So Wrong it’s Right
- Kathy & Kim

So Wrong, it’s well, Wrong
- Christina Aguilera (perennial favorite of all)
- The Pussycat Dolls
- Sasha Fierce (!!!!!!)

See Ya, Trend
- Rompers on anyone over 2 y.o.
- Harem Pants
- Skinny Skinny Jeans
- (kidz, I’m torn on this one) Gladiator Sandals
- Maxi Dresses (or my tax dollars spent on FLDS anything)

Listen to Your Uncle Nag Bag

Just remember, when the going gets tough
the tough:

What was YOUR favorite thing in 2008?

6 Responses to “Monday, December 29, 2008”

  1. Barbara-Kay says:

    Oh, Martha has met her match! What a hoot!

    Thank you for finding fun things to make my Mondays bright.

  2. Liz says:

    Thanks for the laugh, I think Martha liked Snoop, she seemed genuinely relaxed and looked like she was having fun!

  3. carlene says:

    OMG, they need to have their own show together. They do have a lot in common!

  4. Seanna Lea says:

    Wall-E for me. It was cute and sweet and the message wasn’t completely obnoxious. I’ll be picking it up after the holiday season is over.

  5. Delica says:

    Yes, no more skinny jeans! The most unappealing trend of them all.

  6. rb says:

    Fashion-wise, my favorite thing has been the evolving trend toward wearing whatever flatters oneself rather than slavish adherence to the latest trend. I am seeing more and more stores recognize this, and I appreciate it.

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