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New Threads Friday, December 19, 2008

Since I lost my other funky monkey chunky cap, it was time to make a new one. Out of the stash, some Rowan Big Wool in a subtle charcoal grey which whipped up into an H2O hat in no time (made while reading the New York Times online — one must keep up with one’s event horizons!)

Just in time too, it’s been storming outside for hours and not only is it cold, they are telling us we are going to have Thunder Snow!

I’ve been carrying a polar fleece headband in my pocket and if it gets too extreme on my earsies, I pop that on and then put this big boy over it. Then, if Old Man Winter is still giving me the finger, up goes the down hood.

The Big Wool has that single ply goodness: it is so fleece-like and lofty, it holds the warm air emanating from one’s head and returns the favor ;p

I pulled out a few other skeins of yarn that have this insulating (and pretty) quailty and they are the new Freebie Friday 4: a Triple Play!

Why? Because I love your earsies too!

Three freebie recipients will be pulled out of the mailbox on Tuesday, December 23, each one getting one type of yarn shown. First drawn, first choice, second drawn, second choice.

The Yarns are: Colinette Pt. 5 (color 145 frangipani); Rowan Biggie Print (252 ); & Gedifra Peruana (color 1645).

Freebie Friday Triple Play
Send an email HERE. freebiefriday4 must be in the subject line …

It will automatically be stashed into a Freebie Friday Folder and the new owners will be chosen by random drawing on Tuesday, December 23rd.

Happy Friday!!

7 responses to “New Threads Friday, December 19, 2008”

  1. Debi says:

    Perfect I am in Lake Forest in the same storm, knitting for a hubbie who does not have a scarf.

  2. It’s not quite that cold in my neighborhood, but we actually had some frost here in the foothills in San Diego CA.
    It’s so nice sitting here with some wool and a computer. :)

  3. Barbara-Kay says:

    How kind of you – lovely yarns, and warm thoughts!

    Have a happy weekend, and stay warm.

  4. Gaile says:

    Can Canadians play too?

    We’re in an unusual COLD snap here on BC’s normally wet coast! Windchill that makes it feel like -17C when we are used to temps that hover just around zero. They closed the highway about 25 minutes east of me a couple of days ago because of a blizzard (so I got to learn what weather conditions need to exist for it to officially be “blizzarding”). Yeah. How I ramble, but I’m trying to avoid heading out for groceries this morning!

    Season’s Greetings to you, Bonne Marie!!

  5. Renee says:

    Season’s Greetings to you too! It’s nasty cold here in Ontario, we’re in the midst of an evil snow storm. About 8″ have come down since this morning and there’s plenty more snow on the way.
    Love your hat! Definitely going into my queue.
    Stay warm!!

  6. Bonne Marie says:

    I think we’re all under the same storm cloud!

    The sky cleared to blue here for awhile this afternoon and it got over 30. It felt so WARM I took off my gloves and loved it!

    More crap weather right around the corner though: subzero windchill coming to a street where you live.

    PERFECT knitting weather, m’ladies ;p

  7. Tanja says:

    Another Canadian here! Love that hat! I’m going to be heading off to my LYS to pick up some Big Wool. 2hrs to make?? Love it even more! I will have enough time to make some last minute Christmas gifts! :-)
    It’s also freezing where I am….but no snow storm (yet).
    Season’s Greetings!

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