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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

my lucky lucky day…

My studio unpacks! Secrets revealed! In six weeks, the contents of those crates merged into some kind of curtain covered leaning tower of Mystery that I was reluctant to touch for fear of a avalanche.

Did I mark the boxes for easy reentry? No way! Just piled ’em as high as they’d go according to weight (hmm, heavy/books/equipment?; light/yarn/pillows/curtains?; tall/lights/racks) and ignored them once the last curtain was thrown over ’em. By the time the major work was being done in the rest of the unit, I’d built a WorkPod with a skinny entry alley in the middle of the pile where my desk is, where I’m writing now.

But today, I am free of the wall, free of the Humpty Dumpty tilt of its topmost height and I must say, I seem to be typing faster with nobody looking over my shoulder ;p

Unpacking is FUN! No really, suddenly stuff, seemingly of its own will, flies into a different configuration, as if it is entering its space for the first time. Lots of it didn’t go back from whence it came before the box phase. Some of it went to the Goodwill, some into the great Chicago Recycling center (the alley), some given to neighbors (table, chairs, lamps). I had a mini-office in a part of the living room that had outlived its day so parts were dismantled and passed along.

What was most fun to find and repurpose were the UFOs. They were in hiding everywhere; a chest, a doored bookcase, boxes mixed in with yarn. The sample above was knit by the wonderful Wanietta way back in the early design days of the Cassidy sweater. Although its shape and structure isn’t too complicated, there is a lot going on in this style and it didn’t quite come together the first time around. This one was reluctantly sidelined; scrapped; put into a dark place for a time out.

Sometimes, in knitting the better part of valor is knowing when to move along and this was one of those times. It was time to tweak the pattern and make slight rearrangements that would make it easier to knit and better to wear. The current Cassidy pattern is 99% the same as what you see above; one of the cable patterns was changed to eliminate a thread catching problem and the sizing was adjusted a little.

But I’m thanking my lucky stars that this one missed it’s day on the runway because it is two seams and one collar away from a being a sweater (and one sample I won’t feel guilty wearing). It is the yummiest color (Cascade 220 Color #9454 Rainier Heather) which is about my most favorite purple ever! Heathered with shades of navy and plum, it is rich and very easy to look at.

Purple is everywhere this fall (especially purses and accessories here in Chicago) and this was the first color choice for Cassidy which because of ye olde dreadful deadlining took a u-turn into, what else, a version of chartruese! There is always plenty-O of that color in the studio stash ;p

7 responses to “Tuesday, October 21, 2008”

  1. Jennifer says:

    that color is wonderful! And I hear you on the unpacking. We packed the same way and are digging through boxes, and having so much fun! I’m glad you are getting back to normal (so to speak).

  2. elizabeth m says:

    It sounds like your morale is picking up now that the work is done and you can return to normal. Or what passes for normal. ;) And it sounds like, in spite of the misery, you’re better off for having had the forced purging and realigning of your space.

  3. Bonne Marie says:

    In every life, a little rain must fall but if one is lucky the clouds might have a silver glow…

  4. Natalia says:

    You’ve really made the best of a very trying situation. I am so glad some good has come out of it, and life is getting back to normal.

  5. I love the feeling of newness and possibility when a packing/unpacking episode prompts reassessment and rearrangement. It affects the way I see, feel and react to everything. The whole world feels new, even if it is made of some of the same old parts. Enjoy the energy while it lasts.

  6. Wanda says:

    Sweet! I love that you found an almost finished sweater, just in time for sweater wearing season.

  7. Bonne Marie says:

    Totally sweet :)

    Especially since I do not mind ye olde buttonband knitting!!!

    KarenJo, you are so right about that rearrangement energy! It seems like things just went into their new spots without a lot of thought on my part but were better than ever…

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