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Pacific Northwest Number One

Chic Knits PNW #1
This summer I was up in Cordova, Alaska, teaching at a wonderful
retreat at the NetLoft.

I brought a few(!) sweaters with me – knowing it would be chilly at times, even in June – it’s right at the foot of the glacial rain forest. And what were
the ones I wore the most?

My PNW #1 cardigans!

At the end of the week, my friends and I hiked out near Eyak Lake and took some special shots of the oatmeal color one – I wish I could take you there! It was almost overwhelmingly beautiful – I was afraid none of my pictures would be in focus I was so in awe of the rocks and sweet waterfalls…

The inspiring Coastal knitting tradition is reflected in the shape of this cardigan and its raised stitch motif on front and back – or it can be made plain for a
really bread & butter wearable staple…

Pacific Northwest Number One – or PNW #1 – is knit with heavy worsted wool with a shaped shawl collar is really just comfy cozy…

And stylish! I wore them with all sorts of outfits: jeans & tees; skirts and blouses and even this one over a navy knit lace dress for a special Friday night.

Chic Knits PNW #1

>>> for all the making details and more pictures > click here <

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