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Throwback Thursday

One of my very favorite things on the Internet is something called Throwback Thursday.

All over social media people post pictures from their histories and whether it’s baby shots or fondly remembered special events, this phenom is usually a sweet giggle and a half!


Chic Knits Knit BlogOn my personal knitting timeline, one of the most favorite things that every happened to me was learning to knit socks. If I had my druthers, I’d just knit socks all the live long day – there’s just nothing that is so soothing and that trips my calm mode more than going round and round and round…

Early on, I couldn’t find a sock pattern that met my height and toe shaping requirements. So I tweaked and tweaked and finally came up with what you see on the left.

…this dilly little piece of cardboard contains all the info one needs to knit that sock. I carry it around with me at all times in my wallet. Which, in fact, is where the cardboard originally came from. HANDY!

My favorite sock has a longer than average leg length and a more elegantly shaped toe.

And in honor of Throwback Thursday, I’ve posted a cleaned up version of something that first made its appearance on the knitting blog in 2004…


Click here for a free pattern for my favorite sock, in its 2015 glory – and I love it still!

My Favorite Sock Pattern

4 responses to “Throwback Thursday”

  1. Patty says:

    I treasure my original copy of this pattern! Have a nice weekend Bonne Marie!

  2. Tricia says:

    OMG – I’ve followed you for over 10 years and I remember your socks! I couldn’t knit having TOTALLY utterly failed at 4 (FOUR!) beginning knitter classes at my local shops. I religiously followed your blog anyway – I could speak it and knew everything about knitting but I could NOT knit. I had to rewire my brain after 40 years of crocheting. I read your 2-circ sock post and obsessed. One day – BOOM – I was knitting a sock…and then mittens…and now 3 years later I’m a knitter. Practiced perfecting my gauge on a tube winter scarf (co 214st!) but I got it. I finally got it. Drawer full of awesome socks and mittens. Cables are my passion. No looking back – blue skies ahead. You’re the big sister I never had who taught me how to knit..just sayin’. And like a good little groupie, I must be brave now & start a sweater or 6… Thanks BonneMarie!

  3. Holly says:

    Totally remember that sock post!!! Following for 10+ years? Wow – thank you for all the inspiration and gorgeous patterns. I’m a huge fan!

    BTW – welcome to the Pacific Northwest! :-)

  4. Bonne Marie says:

    Thanks so much, Holly! I really love it here – feels like I’ve been here forever – fog is drifting by my windows this morning…

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