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goin’ Mobile

If my spins around my favorite social site Instagram are any indication, one of our favorite things to do as knitters is Take It On the Road.

There just isn’t any other hands-on creative that is portable in the way needlework is.

Tipping my hat to yesterday’s Monday Muse shot of British author Marjorie Eccles knitting while getting a flat tire changed, I shot this in the waiting area of Vancouver Ford! My car is in the service area getting lubed/oiled/washed (yes!) and I’m wasting no time going mobile while they rotate my tires!

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On my lap? A new design that is about 68 rows / 3,800 sts (!) away from being done…

I’m on the last sleeve and then it’s weave in about 5 ends, block and VOILA!

A new aran weight cardigan inspired by my need to escape the dreary cabin fever phase of winter here in Portland and celebrate the coziness of pure wooooool…

I love wool; I love yarn; I love knitting.

It goes wherever I do, easily and makes a “lap loom” possible pretty much wherever I land.

My favorite memory of knitting mobile was one time while I was waiting in a monster line at the Motor Vehicle Dept. to renew my driver’s license. My loyal companion? A sock being knit magic loop style that I pulled out of my parka pocket (ball of yarn was in the other pocket).

No fussy tantrums for me; I waited in blissful style and was almost disappointed when it was my turn at the counter –

instant karma time all the time

6 responses to “goin’ Mobile”

  1. Yes! Instant karma all the time! Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  2. bloepper says:

    “never knowingly without knitting” is my motto. i’ve knit in the doctor’s waiting room, the odd queue (and even traffic jams) too, much to the bewilderment of those around me. i even took knitting with me when i went to the birthing center to have my child, but you know what, i didn’t get to knit a single stitch ;-)

  3. Fieldstone says:

    Look forward to your new sweater design!

  4. Patty says:

    Can’t wait to see this! And the horror of being caught without available knitting! Happy Weekend!

  5. Bonne Marie says:

    I just “re-stocked” my jacket pocket with a sock-in-progress so I’m not comin’ up empty no matter what!

  6. Lacy says:

    (Fingers in Girl Scout salute)
    Be prepared, have needles, yarn and a project in mind.
    Knit on and never be board.

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